Department Leadership

Sarah Wagner

Sarah E. Wagner

Director of Graduate Studies, Anthropology PhD Program, Health Science and Society (Science & Technology Advisor)

Stephen Lubkemann

Stephen C. Lubkemann

Director of Graduate Studies, Anthropology MA Program (second years)
International Development Concentration Advisor


Barbara Miller

Barbara D. Miller

MA Program: Health, Science, and Society Concentration (Medical Anthropology Advisor)








Undergraduate Advisor Committee




Master's Students



Human Paleobiology

 Administrative Staff

Nonnie Mullin

Nonnie Mullin

Academic Department Administrative Supervisor
SEH 6000
[email protected]

Marli Richmond

Marli Richmond

Department Lab & Academic Programming Coordinator
SEH 6000
[email protected]



 Postdoctoral Researchers

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Sarah Hlubik (CASHP)


Sean Lee

Sean Lee (CASHP)

Sean is a behavioral ecologist and biological anthropologist broadly interested in the evolution of sociality and social behavior. His research focuses on the genus Pan, which comprises bonobos (P. paniscus) and chimpanzees (P. troglodytes).

Enquye Negash

Enquye Negash (CASHP)

Enquye Negash is interested in understanding the paleoecological and paleoenvironmental context of hominin bearing fossil sites in East Africa in the Pliocene and the Pleistocene. 

Research and Project Staff 







Student Employees

Carla Guillamon sitting in grass

Carla Guillamon

Hortense Amsterdam House
Administrative Assistant Anthropology












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