Undergraduate students in the GW Department of Anthropology examine all aspects of human behavior — social and biological, past and present. They have traced the Earth’s past through ancient Kenyan soil and imagined how Frankenstein shaped perceptions of science. Through a well-rounded core curriculum and unique learning opportunities, students acquire a range of transferable skills, including how to formulate and test a hypothesis and gather and analyze data.

The undergraduate program is customizable. Students may choose a general degree in archaeology or anthropology or pursue a more scientific approach with the biological anthropology major. They have the option to combine majors, choose an anthropology-related minor or extend their studies with a combined BA/MA degree

Undergraduates are also encouraged to pursue fieldwork abroad, collaborate with faculty on research projects and participate in the internships offered by Washington, D.C.’s world-class museums and institutions.







    "As an anthropology major, it was very important for me to see the world outside of the classroom. I was lucky enough to spend the summer in an archaeological dig at Tel Megiddo in Israel with Tel Aviv University. It was the best hands-on learning that anyone could ask for. "

    Rebecca Kahn-Witman
    BA '12


    Learning Outside the Classroom