Carson Murray

Carson Murray
Associate Professor of Anthropology
SEH (800 2nd St.) 6850
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Adaptive value of social relationships, both on a behavioral and a biochemical level, among chimpanzees; effects of maternal stress and behavior on offspring.

Dr. Murray is a primate behavioral ecologist who studies the adaptive value of social relationships.

Current Research

Dr. Murray is a primate behavioral ecologist who is currently investigating mother-infant relationships, particularly how maternal stress and behavior influence offspring outcomes.

Ongoing Projects:

  • The relationship of mother-infant interaction to adrenocortical activity and offspring development, health, and stress in wild chimpanzees.
  • Comparative primate studies on the influence of non-kin social relationships on offspring success.
  • The adaptive value of friendships among female chimpanzees.
  • Factors producing higher reproductive success of higher-ranking females.

For the latest information on Dr. Murray's research, visit the Primate Behavioral Ecology Laboratory website.


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Ph.D. 2006, University of Minnesota
B.A. 1997, University of Virginia


An up-to-date list of Dr. Murray's publications can be found at her laboratory's publications page.

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

2014  Markham, A.C., R.M. Santymire, E.V. Lonsdorf, M.R. Heintz, I. Lipende, and C.M. Murray. “Rank effects on social stress in lactating chimpanzees,” Animal Behaviour 87:195-202.

2014  Lonsdorf, E.V., K.E. Anderson, M.A. Stanton, M.Shender, M.R. Heintz, J. Goodall, and C.M. Murray. "Boys will be boys: Sex differences in wild infant chimpanzee social interactions," Animal Behaviour 88: 79-83.

2008  Murray, C.M., I. Gilby, S.V. Mane, and A.E. Pusey. "Male chimpanzees inherit maternal ranging patterns," Current Biology 18: 20-24.

2006  Murray, C.M., L.E. Eberly, and A.E. Pusey. "Foraging strategies as a function of season and rank among wild female chimpanzees," Behavioral Ecology 17: 1020-1028.

Classes Taught

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Anth 1005: Biological Bases of Human Behavior
Anth 3408: Evolution of Human Families
Anth 3411: Primatology
Anth 3491: Topics: Evolution of Human Families
Homp 8303: Paleobiology Laboratory Rotation


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