B.A. in Anthropology

The B.A. program in Anthropology is a four-field program that offers students many electives.

Special Honors in Anthropology

Students who meet the CCAS requirements for special honors are encouraged to undertake a thesis research project in their senior year. Such students should take 3 or more hours of Anth 3995 (Undergraduate Research).  For more information, click here.

Minor Programs in Anthropology

There are several minor programs that are anthropological in focus.  For complete descriptions, click here.

Undergraduate Advisors

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Program Requirements 

For a full description of the required curriculum to be fulfilled for a Bachelor's in Anthropology, please visit the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin Page.

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs must also be fulfilled.

One of the Puerto Rican locales where Catherine Betancourt worked.

Constructing Puerto Rican National Identity

Undergraduate Catherine Betancourt spent six weeks in 2013 doing Cotlow-funded research in Puerto Rico, examining the main cultural markers of identity (language, family, locality) and people’s utilitarian view of U.S. citizenship.

Undergraduate Admissions