Students working an excavation site

Fieldwork is an essential part of the anthropological experience as a student, particularly for students interested in archaeology. Our trips span multiple continents, climates and geological eras, from Iron Age wooden structures in Ireland to records of 15th-century B.C.E. Egyptian conquests. Students learn what it’s like to work on a field site firsthand and master all the associated tools and techniques. Furthermore, they broaden their perspective and cultural understanding through partnerships with peers from around the world. 

For more information on fieldwork opportunities, contact Jeffrey Blomster, David BraunEric Cline, or Susan Johnston.


Field Schools with GW


More GW Archaeology Field Opportunities

Historical Archaeology

The Field School in Public and Historical Archaeology, conducted in collaboration with Alexandria Archaeology, provides training in field and laboratory methods in suburban Virginia every May. The GW director is Professorial Lecturer Pamela Cressey.


Andrew Smith II of the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations excavates at Bir Madkhur, a site near Petra with a Nabataean/Roman/Byzantine fortress.


During most summers, there are opportunities to do pre-Columbian archaeology in Oaxaca, Mexico, under the guidance of Associate Professor Jeffrey Blomster.

Maritime Archaeology

The Slave Wrecks Project offers instruction in maritime archaeology and diving in Florida during some years. The GW director is Associate Professor Stephen Lubkemann.