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Ph.D. In Human Paleobiology

GW offers the Ph.D. degree in Human Paleobiology (formerly Hominid Paleobiology), a program that is part of a larger, multi-institutional program in Human Evolutionary Biology. The HomPal program includes faculty from the Anthropology, Biological Sciences, and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Departments and from the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. It is also closely linked with the Human Origins Program of the Smithsonian Institution, with the Department of Biology at the University of Maryland, and with the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Admission to Human Paleobiology is administered separately from admission to the Anthropology Ph.D. program.

The HomPal program is based at the Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology (CASHP), room 6000 in the Science and Engineering Hall. CASHP is a research facility. Its goals are to undertake strategic research that addresses fundamental problems and questions about human evolution that cross disciplinary boundaries, to act as a catalyst for the thematic research programs involving researchers from other centers around the world, and to promote interdisciplinary research through training and education.

For more information, see the full description on the CASHP website.