BS in Biological Anthropology/MA in Anthropology


Student in lab coat reach into refrigerator for samples


The dual Bachelor of Science in Biological Anthropology/Master of Arts in Anthropology program allows students to complete the graduate degree on an accelerated timeline by completing 9 graduate credits as part of the undergraduate program. Students build on the foundation of the biological anthropology major with graduate-level work in topics like Medical Anthropology, Preventive Conservation Techniques, Gender and Sexuality and more.

Students are advised to consult their departmental advisor regarding the details of the degrees and course of study.



Application Requirements

Eligible students will apply for formal admission into the BS/MA program by February 15, through the CCAS Combined Degree Application process. Students will be recommended for admission to the MA program on the same basis as other applicants for the degree, with the final decision being made by the CCAS graduate dean.


Degree Timeline

Combined degree students are admitted to the master's program with the understanding that during their undergraduate program, they will complete 9 credits of master's coursework, which also count toward the bachelor's degree. 

This leaves 27 credits left to finish out their 36-credit master's degree. Most students complete six credits over the summer, nine credits in the fall semester and nine credits in the final spring semester, totaling one calendar year beyond the bachelor's degree. During that year, they are officially graduate students and eligible for consideration as teaching assistants or graders.

Sample BS in Biological Anthropology/MA in Anthropology Schedule

  • ANTH 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004 (13 hours)
  • BISC 1111, 1112 (8 hours)
  • Upper-level bio in organismal/sub-organismal biology (BISC) (3hours)
  • PSYC 2015 (or any other option in the major requirements in this section)
  • GPAC and University Writing

Fall (15 hours)

  • Upper-level archaeology (ANTH)
  • Upper-level biological anthropology (ANTH)
  • Upper-level biology course in Cell/molecular bio (BISC)
  • Two electives/ GPAC courses

Spring (15 hours)

  • Upper-level Biological Anthropology (ANTH)
  • Upper-level archaeology (can also be obtained in a study abroad program)
  • Upper-level biology course in Ecology/Evolution (BISC)
  • One electives/ GPAC courses
  • Apply to the BA/MA

Fall (15 hours)

  • Graduate seminar (e.g., Anth 6302)
  • Four electives, including either a second graduate-level course or an upper-level undergraduate course for graduate credit

Spring (15 hours)

  • Methods course (e.g. Anth 3404/3403, Anth 3838, Anth 6413)
  • Anth 6103, Proseminar in Archaeology
  • Three electives, may include a graduate-level course or upper-level undergraduate course for graduate credit

Summer After Senior Year (three–six hours)

  • Anth 6995, Research OR Field School

Fall (nine hours)

  • Anth 6102, Proseminar in Sociocultural Anthropology
  • Placing-out exams in biological anthropology and/or linguistics
  • Three electives (could include thesis research or internship)

Spring (nine–12 hours)

  • Three electives (could include thesis research or internship)
  • Hand in thesis or other culminating exercise

Course Requirements

Students take 12 graduate credits as part of their undergraduate program. All requirements for both the BS in Biological Anthropology and the MA in Anthropology must be fulfilled.