Independent Study

Faculty member and student working in lab

Independent study projects allow students to complete in-depth research under a faculty member's guidance. Many undergraduate students who are writing an honors thesis use this option, as do graduate students who are conducting fieldwork in preparation to write their theses. Independent studies can also apply toward research grant requirements, or be used to register for an internship in general anthropology.


Registration and Credits

Students register for either ANTH 3995 (undergraduates) or ANTH 6995 (graduates). Both courses are variable credit, meaning you must specify the number of credits during registration. Most students register for three credits. 

To register for this course students must submit a proposal form to the Anthropology Department, signed by the person supervising the research study, along with an RTF-EZ or RTF Classic form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The purpose of this form is to ensure that the work is anthropological in nature and that the student and supervisor have agreed at the outset on the scope of the project.


Grading and Credits

For a three-credit study, students should expect to spend about 10 hours per week on the project, or 140–150 hours per semester.

Grades are decided by the faculty research advisor leading the class, as listed on the course description. The project supervisor, who is separate from the research advisor, must therefore submit an evaluation of the work to the research advisor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies at the end of the course. Grades of I (Incomplete) and IPG (In Progress) may be assigned for independent research courses.