Victoria Rainis

Victoria Rainis

Victoria Rainis




Program: Human Paleobiology B.S./M.S.

Year of Entry: Fall 2022

Advisor: Shannon McFarlin

Victoria is interested primate dental histology and how climate affects growth patterns and life history traits. She aims to use the analysis of dental tissue to better understand the effects of drought and climate change on primate development.

Victoria has also conducted fieldwork with GW's Koobi Fora Field School in the Turkana Basin, Kenya where she analyzed archaeological signatures of early fire use by Hominins in East Africa.


Research Experience: 

Life History and Skeletal Biology Lab

Koobi Fora Field School

George Washington University:

BS Biological Anthropology 2023

MS Human Paleobiology 2024 (In the BS/MS program)


Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship (2022)