Shweta Krishnan

Anthropology Ph.D. program.  Entered fall 2015.

Primary advisor: Attiya Ahmad

Staff member, Anthropological Quarterly

Current Research

Shweta Krishnan examines religion, environment, and transnational connections in Majuli, a river island in the Indian state of Assam, which is subject to massive erosion by the Brahmaputra and its tributaries. Her research examines how geological transformations on this island shape the memories of transnational migrations, the practice of religion, and the ethics of subject formation.

In the past, she has worked with an Indian Institutes of Technology Madras team to do research on how the local–global binary shapes understandings of bioethics in Tamil Nadu, India. Before this, she worked with several transnational feminist networks on gender and sexuality in South Asia.



M.S. (Journalism), 2011, Boston University
M.B.B.S. (Bachelors in Clinical Medicine and Surgery), 2007, Madras Medical College, India


Selected Articles and Presentations

2017  Krishnan, S. “Entangled visions: Understanding affective networks through a study of photos in Majuli, Assam.”  Presentation at the Fourth Annual Anthropology Symposium, George Washington University, March.

2017  Krishnan, S. “Syntagmatic visions: Viewing pride and neglect side by side in Assam.” Presentation at the American Ethnological Society Conference, April 2017

2016  Krishnan, S. “Leaky condoms: Negotiating risk and disorder in sex work.” Presentation at the American Anthropological Association Conference, Minneapolis, November 2016

2015  Krishnan, S. “MTP Amendment Bill, 2014: Towards re-imagining abortion care,” Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 12(1):43-46.

2014  Krishnan, S. “Understanding trust in the paradigm of patient autonomy.”  Presentation at the National Conference on Bioethics, December.