Office Hours, Spring 2024

Please reach out to your professor for specific office hours information. Emails are below. Please note that "HAH" is the Hortense Amsterdam House at 2110 G St. NW. 

Last updated 9/25/2023


All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST) unless otherwise specified.

Name Times Location Email Link Fall 2023 Courses
Agbelusi, Oluseyi R, 1:30- 3:30 PM 2112 G St. Rm 102 [email protected]   ANTH 3891
Ahmad, Attiya by appt. Virtual [email protected]   ANTH 6591.80
Barr, Andrew W, 1-3 PM SEH 6685 [email protected]   ANTH 6413
Blomster, Jeff

M, 1-2 PM

T, 11-12 PM

Virtual (M);

HAH 303 (T)

[email protected] Blomster Webex

ANTH 3838/W,

ANTH 6103

ANTH 6838

Bradley, Brenda T, 12:30- 2:30 PM HAH 102 [email protected]    
Braun, David on leave SEH 6th Floor [email protected]    
Brooks, Alison T, 11-1 PM SEH 6820 [email protected]   ANTH 1001, ANTH 3491.10
Cline, Eric MW, 2:15- 3:30 PM Rome 658 [email protected]   ANTH 1003
Dent, Alex on leave Virtual [email protected] Dent Webex  
Feldman, Ilana T, 2-4 PM 2112 G St. Rm 101 or Virtual [email protected] Feldman Zoom

ANTH 6102,

ANTH 6302

Grinker, Richard T, 11-12 PM and 2-3 PM or by appt. HAH 202-B [email protected]   ANTH 1002
Jenkins, Tiara TR, 2-3 PM

Lisner (T), SEH 6675 (W)

[email protected]   ANTH 3491.11
Johnston, Susan

WF, 11- 12:30 PM

2112 G St, Rm 203 or Virtual by appt. [email protected]   ANTH 2506, ANTH 3808
Kuipers, Joel on leave 2112 G St. Rm 201 [email protected] Kuipers Zoom  
Lubkemann, Stephen on leave 2112 G St. Rm 103 [email protected]    
McFarlin, Shannon on leave   [email protected]    
Miller, Barbara by appt. Virtual [email protected]   ANTH 3504, ANTH 3513
Murray, Carson T, 11:30- 1:00PM; email to confirm SEH 6850 [email protected]   ANTH 1005
Pobiner, Briana by appt.  NMNH 354 [email protected]    
Pardo Pedraza, Diana on leave HAH 302 [email protected]    
Rodriguez- Delgado, Lara by appt.   [email protected]   ANTH 3702
Sherwood, Chet R, 10AM- 12PM SEH 6800 or Virtual [email protected] Sherwood Webex

ANTH 3413,

ANTH 6423

Subiaul, Francys by appt. Monroe B-09 [email protected]   ANTH 3603
Wagner, Sarah R, 12- 1:30 PM HAH 301 [email protected]   ANTH 6510
Welcome, Leniqueca T, 10- 12:30 PM 1957 E St. Rm 601E [email protected] Welcome Zoom ANTH 6591.10
Wood, Bernard by appt. SEH 6000 [email protected]    

Graduate Students

All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST) unless otherwise specified. 

Name Time Location Email Virtual Link Fall 2023 Courses
Ahmad, Wajahat     [email protected]   ANTH 1002
Drozd, Maddie     [email protected]   ANTH 1002
Fenzel, Anna T, 11AM- 12PM

HAH Basement or Virtual

[email protected] Fenzel Meet ANTH 1002
Friday, Patrick     [email protected]   ANTH 1001
Fuller, Chelsea     [email protected]   ANTH 3603
Jones, Naomi     [email protected]   ANTH 1003
Kaplan, Michael     [email protected]   ANTH 1000.11
Letizia, Maria     [email protected]   ANTH 2506
Lin, Liya     [email protected]   ANTH 1002
Lopez, Karen     [email protected]    
McClain, Abby     [email protected]   ANTH 1001
Miller, Elaine     [email protected]   ANTH 3413
Nelson, Rachel     [email protected]   ANTH 1005
Nennmann, Avery     [email protected]   ANTH 3504
Parks, Anya W, 2:15PM- 4PM SEH 6000 Suite or Virtual [email protected] Parks Zoom ANTH 1001
Patton, Sims     [email protected]   ANTH 1001
Pelaez Sierra, Maria     [email protected]   3625
Rosas, Nick     [email protected]   ANTH 1001
Saqer, Farah     [email protected]   ANTH 1001
Stein, Ben     [email protected]   ANTH 1001
Vidal Guzman, Cuauhtemoc W, 1- 3 PM 2114 G St. Rm 106 [email protected] Vidal- Guzman Zoom ANTH 1000.10
Ware, Libby     [email protected]   ANTH 1002
Wright, MacKenzie

W, 11AM- 12PM

R, 2-3 PM

HAH Basement or  Virtual [email protected] Wright Zoom ANTH 1003


All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST) unless otherwise specified.

Name Time Location Email Virtual Link
Jenkins, Tiara by appt. SEH 6000 [email protected]  
Purcell, Noelle by appt. HAH 102 [email protected]