Joseph M. Erwin

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Joseph M. Erwin

Research Professor of Anthropology


Dr. Erwin is a primatologist with particular interests on the management and care of captive primates and the neurobiology of aging. In addition to teaching he is also the Director of the Foundation for Comparative and Conservation Biology.

Primate neurobiology, comparative study of aging, treatment of captive primates, primate conservation.

Dr. Erwin investigates several aspects of primate neurobiology, especially the comparative study of aging. He works to advance the well-being of captive primates, to support the conservation of wild primates and their habitats, and to advance science education.

Research only.


Last updated December 2, 2013


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Articles and Book Chapters

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Ph.D. 1974 (Psychobiology), University of California, Davis
M.A. 1971, University of California, Davis
B.A. 1967, University of the Pacific, Stockton