Jeffrey Splitstoser

Assistant Research Professor of Anthropology
No on-campus office
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Andean archaeology, textile analysis.

Dr. Splitstoser is an archaeologist and expert on ancient textiles, especially those of Peru.


Ph.D. 2009, Catholic University of America
M.A. 1999, Catholic University of America
B.S. 1984, Marquette University (Biomedical Engineering)


See Dr. Splitstoser's CV for a complete list of publications.

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

2014  Splitstoser, J.C.  "Practice and Meaning in Spiral-Wrapped Batons and Cords from Cerrillos, a Late Paracas Site in the Ica Valley, Peru." In D.Y. Arnold, ed., Textile, Techne, and Power in the Andes, pp. 46-80. London: Archetype Publications.

2012  Splitstoser, J.C. "The Parenthetical Notation Method for Recording Yarn Structure." In A.S. Perlman, ed.,  Proceedings of the 13th Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, Textile & Politics, September 19-22, Washington, DC. Lincoln, NE: Digital Commons, University of Nebraska.

2009  "Nuevas evidencias de textiles y cerámica de la época Paracas Temprano en Cerrillos, valle de Ica, Perú." In El Periodo Formativo: enfoques y evidencias recientes. Cinquenta años de la Misión Arqueológica Japonesa y su vigencia. Segunda Parte, edited by Peter Kaulicke and Yoshio Onuki, pp. 209-235. Boletín de Arqueología PUCP, Peter Kaulicke, general editor. Lima: Fondo Editorial de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.



Founder and former president, Pre-Columbian Society of Washington, DC.  Research Associate, Institute of Andean Studies, University of California, Berkeley. Vice President, Boundary End Archaeology Research Center, Barnardsville, NC. Textile specialist for both the Huaca Prieta and El Castillo de Huarmey Archaeological Projects.

Classes Taught

Anth 6806, Technology (Textile Analysis)


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