Jack L Richardson

Jack L. Richardson
[email protected]


Program: Human Paleobiology Ph.D

Year of Entry: Fall 2019

Advisor: Shannon McFarlin

Current Research

Jack is interested in the role of social play in development. Specifically by looking at play behaviour in wild Bwindi mountain gorillas he hopes to create a framework to test and disentangle motor and social hypotheses of social play. He is also interested in primate behavioural ecology and conservation.


Research Experience: 

Sep 2013 - Sep 2014: Research Assistant , Loango Gorilla Project, Gabon.

Jan 2015 - May 2016: Research Assistant, Bwindi Gorilla Project, Uganda.

May 2016 - May2019: Project Manager, Bwindi Gorilla Project, Uganda.


BSc (Biological Sciences) 2013, Imperial College London


2019  Robbins, M.M., Akantorana, M., Arinaitwe, J., Richardson, J. et al. "Dispersal and reproductive careers of male mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, UgandaPrimates pp. 133-142

2022 Richardson, J. L., Levy, E. J., Ranjithkumar, R., Yang, H., Monson, E., Cronin, A., Galbany, J., Robbins, M. M., Alberts, S. C., Reeves, M. E., & Mcfarlin, S. C. (2022). Automated , high ‑ throughput image calibration for parallel ‑ laser photogrammetry. Mammalian Biology. https://doi.org/10.1007/s42991-021-00174-7