Ferhan Güloğlu

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Ferhan Güloğlu


Program: Anthropology Ph.D.

Year of Entry: Fall 2014.

Güloğlu’s work explores the politics of reproduction in Middle East and the contentious dynamics between the various state, non-state, and religious actors that have shaped these policies.  She is particularly interested in how these contestations have influenced Muslim women’s access to and use of reproductive health care, especially in the controversial terrain between technological developments and their religious outlook of those developments.

Publications and Presentations

2012 Güloğlu, F. “Hijabi FashioniIn Turkey: Changing Consumption Habits of Headscarved Women In the Neoliberal Age.” Presentation at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, November.

2011 Güloğlu, F. “Construction of a New City in People’s Minds.” Presentation at the Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, December.


M.A. (Middle Eastern Studies) 2012, Columbia University
B.A. (Political Science and International Relations) 2010, Boğaziçi University