Elaine Miller


Elaine Miller is interested in human brain evolution; specifically looking at how neural structures and organization give rise to complex social behaviors. 


B.S., Animal Biology, University of California at Davis, 2015

Year Entered GW Program: 2018
Advisor: Chet C. Sherwood


Martinez-Cerdeno V, Camacho J, Fox E, Miller E, Ariza J, Kienzle D, Plank K, Noctor S, Van de Water J. (2016) Prenatal exposure to autism-specific maternal autoantibodies alters proliferation of cortical neural precursor cells, enlarges brain and increases neuronal size in adult animals. Cerebral Cortex 26 (1): 374-383
Camacho J, Jones K, Miller E, Ariza J, Noctor S, Van de Water J, Martinez-Cerdeno V. (2014) Embryonic intraventricular exposure to autism-specific maternal autoantibodies produces alterations in autistic-like stereotypical behaviors in offspring mice. Behavioral Brain Research 266 (1): 46-51


Research Experience

2016 – 2018 Staff Research Associate II: University of Delaware, Department of Biological Sciences

2015 – 2016 Junior Specialist: University of California, Department of Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology

2015 Student Researcher: California National Primate Research Center 

2014 Visiting Researcher: Duke Lemur Center

2009 – 2013 Staff Research Associate I: Institute of Pediatric Regenerative Medicine