Dana Burton


Anthropology Ph.D. Program 

Year of Entry: Fall 2017

Advisor: Ilana Feldman

Current Research

Dana Burton's research follows scientists’ search for evidence of life in space and the ways they imagine, theorize, and evaluate conceptions of biosignatures, habitability, and the abiotic-biotic threshold in their work. Dana is currently a Young Scientist in the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science and NASA Ames. Her fieldwork is funded by Wenner-Gren Foundation and National Science Foundation. She also completed archival research as a Society for the History of Technology Fellow at the Library of Congress and NASA Headquarters. Dana endeavors to contribute to a collaborative entanglement between the sciences and social sciences.



M.Phil (Anthropology), 2019, The George Washington University

M.A. (Anthropology), The George Washington University

B.A. (Political Science and Spanish), Tufts University