Courtney Sexton

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Courtney Sexton


Program: Human Paleobiology Ph.D.

Year of Entry: Fall 2019

Advisor: Brenda Bradley

Current Research

Courtney is a member of the Primate Genomics Lab. Her research interests within CASHP are focused on human-animal interactions, and how non-human animals, especially dogs, can inform what we know about the evolution of human language, communication and social relationships.

Courtney has translated some of her research into a canine science community outreach project called "Decoding Dog Talk", which is focused on empowering residents of Washington DC to have more awareness and play more active roles in the lives of their canine companions.


M.S. (Human Paleobiology) 2019, The George Washington University
M.F.A. (Creative Writing), Sarah Lawrence College
B.A. Villanova University


2020-2021 Philip J. Amsterdam Graduate Teaching Award

2020 American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Fellowship

2019  Shenkman Professional Development Grant

2019 Awesome Foundation Grant, awarded  for public understanding of science project, “Decoding Dog Talk”

2019-2019 The Columbian Women Scholarship

2018-2019 Ann Gordon Webster Endowment/Shirley H. & Robert L. Richards Endowment Fellowship

2017-2018 George Washington University Merit Fellowship