Clara Mariencheck

Clara Mariencheck
[email protected]


Program: Human Paleobiology PhD

Year of Entry: Fall 2020

Advisor: Brenda Bradley

Current Research

Clara is a member of the Primate Genomics Lab. Her research interests include primate population genetics, immunogenetics, and social networks. Specifically, she is interested in investigating how immune system gene diversity in female chimpanzees affects sociality and dominance rank.


Research Experience:

2017-2020 Research Assistant: Washington University in St. Louis, Primate Genetics and Molecular Ecology Laboratory


B.A. (Anthropology and Spanish), 2020, Washington University in St. Louis


2022: Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation

2021: General Small Grant, American Society of Primatologists

2021: Special SARS-CoV-2 Grant, International Primatological Society

2021: Lewis N. Cotlow Award, The George Washington University

2020: Excellence in Research Award, Washington University in St. Louis