Caitlin Tyree

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Caitlin Tyree



Email: Caitlin Tyree


Program: Anthropology M.A. 

Year Entered: Fall 2023

Anthropology B.A., Western Washington University 2020

American Indian Studies, repatriation, and collaborative anthropology. Feminist theory, sociocultural anthropology, video games, and memory.

Analyzing the use of female NPCs (non-playable characters) in war-themed video games. Some video games use female NPCs to support the white man’s desire to play hero and exact revenge. In certain games the female NPCs are denied the agency and humanity afforded to the main hero. They serve to represent a larger group to motivate and justify the player’s actions.

Exhibits Intern at Heritage Flight Museum (2020): Updating the W.A.S.P exhibit by conducting research and assisting the Visual Assets/Graphic Design Manage to create labels.