Sarah K. Barks

Sarah K. Barks

Postdoctoral Scientist
Ross Hall 124
Phone: 202-994-5923


Dr. Barks studies human and primate brain evolution, primate social cognition and behavior, comparative neurobiology, language and language acquisition, and the evolution of hominins and other primates at the Laboratory for Evolutionary Neuroanatomy.


Ph.D. 2010, Emory University
M.A. 2007, Emory University
B.A, 2002, Washington University in St. Louis


Selected Articles and Book Chapters

2012  McFarlin S.C., S.K. Barks, M.W. Tocheri, T.G. Bromage, K.A. Fawcett, P.R. Hof, A. Mudakikwa, M.R. Cranfield, C.C. Sherwood. "Early brain growth cessation in Virunga mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei)," American Journal of Primatology. Published online December 3.

2009  Parr, L.A., E. Hecht, S.K. Barks, T.M. Preuss, J.R. Votaw. "Face processing in the chimpanzee brain," Current Biology 19: 1-4.

2008  Rilling, J.K., A. Lacreuse, S.K. Barks, H.A. Elfenbein, G. Pagnoni, J.R. Votaw, and J.G. Herndon. "Effect of menstrual cycle on resting brain metabolism in female rhesus monkeys," NeuroReport 19: 537-541.

2007  Rilling, J.K., S.K. Barks, L.A. Parr, T.M. Preuss, T.L. Faber, G. Pagnoni, J.D. Bremner, and J.R. Votaw. "A comparison of resting state brain activity in humans and chimpanzees," PNAS 104: 17146-17151.