Course Syllabi

The Department of Anthropology

The Anthropology Department at The George Washington University is committed to integrating humanistic and scientific perspectives while pursuing advanced research of the highest quality. A degree in anthropology from GW signals that the holder can synthesize diverse data about human beings, a skill increasingly valued in a variety of professions and academic settings.

The study of human difference and diversity—and its connections to the sciences, history, language, the arts, and global issues—is a four-field endeavor at GW, meaning that our department unites faculty across

We believe that:

  • Research should be rigorous and creative
  • Our research should be connected to our teaching
  • Our students deserve outstanding training in the "four fields" — archaeology, biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology

In order to provide outstanding classroom and practice-based training in the "four fields", we encourage:

  • Team-teaching
  • Experimentation with new teaching methods and technologies
  • Professional collaboration within and beyond the University
  • The kind of vibrant intellectual community that stands at the heart of any great research institution

Last but not least, we seek to place our knowledge at the service of local, national and international communities to support humanistic values and human rights.

The Human Animal

32485   ANTH 3491   Summer Sess. I
Robert O'Malley     Lisner Hall 130

What, if anything, makes Homo sapiens unique among living animals? To the degree that our species is unique, just how narrow is the divide between modern humans and the rest of the animal kingdom…and how can we evaluate evidence for “human-ness” in extinct hominins?

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