Warrenkevin Henderson


Program: Human Paleobiology M.S.

Year of Entry: Fall 2019

Advisor: Bernard Wood

Current Research

General Interests: Archaeology. Comparative Hominid and Hominin Morphologies. Epigenetics. Genetics. Human evolution. Hominid Paleontology. Population Ecology. Speciation. 

1. Interested in understanding paleoecologies to examine if  environmental stressors had any implications in the overall fitness, morphology and physiology of early hominids and hominins. 

2. Interested in inspecting the magnitude in which paleo-environments had in the evolution of hominids and hominins, to determine if modern niche‚Äôs, with the consideration of  climate change, are aiding in any phenotypic and/or genotypic directional change(s) within various populations of modern humans. 

3. Interested in examining the plasticity of gene-environment interactions and their effects on odontogenesis and thus speciation of human ancestors between 3.5-1.5 MYA.


B.S. (Biology and Anthropology), 2019, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Associates in Arts, 2014, National University, San Diego, CA

United States Navy 2008-2017


Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society, Beta Chapter