Undergraduate Proposals: B.A. Candidates

Year Recipient,
Degree Program
Location Project Proposal
2007 Margaret Artz
B.A. Intl Aff
South Africa (Winterveldt Assessment of Youth Theatre as a Force for Social Change in South Africa
2007 Geoffrey Cain
B.A. Anth & Intl Aff
Cambodia (Stung Mean Chey) Poverty, Free Markets, and the Body as Commodity: Rumors of Transplant Tourism and Organ Stealing in a Phnom Penh Suburb
2006 John Curran
B.A. Anth
U.S. (Boston) Ideological Diversity in the Language of Massachusetts Judges’ Jury Instructions: An Ethnography of Legal Discourse
2007 Lauren Deal
B.A. Anth
Argentina (Buenos Aires), U.S. (Washington, DC) Doe, a Deer — A Female Deer: Figurative Language and Vocal Pedagogy in the United States and Argentina
2011 Justin Greco
B.A. Arch & B.S. Biology
Belize (Say Kah) Determining Site-Status Via Analysis of Maya Ceramics from Say Kah, Belize
2007 Heather Hwalek
B.A. Intl Aff
Jordan (Amman) For the Love of Strangers: Food Habits and Hospitality in Jordan
2011 Alicia O'Brien
B.A. Intl Aff & Anth
U.S. (Westminster, MD) Describing the Gap: The Impact of Identity and Culture for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities After Transitioning from School
2011 Rebecca Remis
B.A. Intl Aff
China (Beijing area) The Chinese Experience in the Organic Movement: A Case Study of Little Donkey Farm
2009 Mark Smith
B.A. Anth
U.S. (Washington, DC, and New York City) Human Asexual Marginality: Online Communities, Discourse, and the Shaping of Daily Life in America
2006 Dana Thomson
B.A. Intl Aff
U.S. (Washington, DC) Comparative Study of Two HIV/AIDS Care Organizations in Washington, DC
2009 Kristina Zarenko
B.A. Intl Aff & Anth
U.S. (Washington, DC, & Pittsburgh, PA) "It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It": Identity Politics in West Coast Swing Dancing and Lindy Hop