Undergraduate Honors Theses

The following theses were written by undergraduates in order to graduate with departmental honors in Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, or Archaeology. The list is not complete.

If an abstract of the thesis is available, you can access it by clicking on the title. Abstracts are in MS-Word.

Marianne Bujacich Co-Feeding with Mothers Does Not Vary with Starvation Risk in Wild Juvenile Chimpanzees
Directed by Carson M. Murray
Madelaine Daley The Space Between: Refugee Camps as Liminal Spaces
Directed by Sarah E. Wagner
Elliot Greiner The Relationship between Habitat and Femoral Head Morphology in Alcelaphini and Tragelaphini (Bovidae)
Directed by W. Andrew Barr
Emily Holzman "Legendary Splendor on Tropical Island Shores": The Tourism Industry of the Bahamas, Representation, and Bahamian Reality
Directed by Susan Johnston
Kathryn White George Washington, Consumerism, and Identity in 18th Century Alexandria, Virginia
Directed by Eric H. Cline
Leah Gillon Innovation by Summative Imitation in College-Aged Students: Evidence from a Tower-Building Task
Directed by Francys Subiaul
Celia Greene Brazilian Belief and Belonging: Spiritist Religion in a Transnational Space
Directed by Alexander S. Dent
Deanna Johnson A Disappearing Generation: An Anthropological Look at Youth in the John Wesley AME Zion Church
Directed by Robert Shepherd
Marissa Kardon Weber The Meaning of Justice: A Cross-Cultural Study between American and Scandinavian Justice Systems with Terrorist Reintegration and Rehabilitation as a Case Study
Directed by Donald Braman
Nicole Butler Mandibular Variation in the Homo Genus: A Comparative Assessment of Mandibular Arch Shape Variation in the Hominin Fossil Record
Directed by Kes Schroer and David Braun
Kathryn Coté An Evaluation of the Accuracy and Applicability of a Recent Method for Estimating Adult Age-at-Death Using the Acetabulum
Directed by Douglas Ubelaker
Sarah Freeman-Wolpert Common Grievances of a Divided Generation: The Intersection of Ethno-National Discourse and Youth Civic Engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Directed by Sarah E. Wagner and Robert Shepherd
Helen Gaynor Grandmothered in? Testing for the Grandmother Effect in Wild Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes schweinfurthii)
Directed by Carson Murray
Aaron Poliak Is there a Natural Way to Run? Effects of Speed and Substrate Compliance on Foot Strike Patterns in a Habitually Barefoot Population
Directed by Kevin Hatala and Brian G. Richmond
Laura Schwartz Race and Breastfeeding: Personal Choice and Access to Resources in the Greater Washington, DC Area
Directed by Barbara D. Miller
Zoë Silverman The Role of Visual Elements in Text Messaging: An Examination of Emoji, Repair of Miscommunication, and the Use of Digital Images in the Texting Register
Directed by Alexander S. Dent


Tierney Brown

A Change of Pace:  Long Bone Cross-Section Geometry of Individuals with Lower Limb Trauma
Directed by Brian Richmond

Lauren Campbell

Manipulative Elites: The Rise of the Aztec and Inca Empires
Directed by Jeffrey Blomster

Lucas Epp

Don’t Feed the Trolls: An Ethnographic Approach to Trolling in the Virtual World
Directed by Alexander S. Dent

Elizabeth Floyd

The Power and Persuasion of the American Criminal
Directed by Joshua Fisher

Alexandria Gregory

The Evolution of Human Gestation and Secondary Altriciality: Testing the Energetics of Gestation and Growth Hypothesis
Directed by Robin Bernstein
Marielle Velander

Building Conceptual Bridges over Troubled Waters: Analysis and Affect Surrounding the Jordan River
Directed by Alexander S. Dent


Matthew Ferry

Foot Strike Patterns Vary with Running Speed in the Habitually Unshod Daasanach of Ileret, Kenya
Directed by Brian G. Richmond

Hannah Linden

Everybody Watches Sitcoms: Assessing the Representation of Racial Worlds in the Series Everybody Hates Chris
Directed by Joel C. Kuipers

Elizabeth McCutcheon A Trans-Historical 'Remix Culture': Creativity, Authorship, and Copyright in Electronic Dance Music
Directed by Alexander S. Dent
Samantha Malone The Development of International Law in the Ancient Near East: A Survey of the Mari Tablets, Amarna Letters, and Biblical Davidic Texts
Directed by Eric H. Cline
Kristen Ramirez Analysis of the Growth and Development of the Daasanach from Ileret, Kenya, in Relation to Ecology and Subsistence Strategy
Directed by Brian G. Richmond
Schyler Turrin Argon-Argon Dating in Paleoanthropology: Advantages, Pitfalls, and Controversies
Directed by Alison S. Brooks
Tessa Varner Looting in Peru: Insight into the World of Illicit Artifact Trade and Its Prevention
Directed by Eric H. Cline


Heather Dingwall

Hominin Stature, Body Mass, and Walking Speed Estimates Based on 1.5 Million-Year-Old Fossil Footprints at Ileret, Kenya
Directed by Brian G. Richmond

Cheyenne Lewis

Examining the Relationship of Dorsal Pubic Pits in Regards to Sex and Age
Directed by Douglas Ubelaker

Michiko Reynolds

Ordnance Onboard CSS Alabama and USS Tulip: Excavation, Conservation, and Discussion on the Looting of Shipwrecks
Directed by Eric H. Cline

Hannah Ringheim

Who Is the 'Priest King'?: A Critical Analysis of Bronze Age Minoan Iconography, a Theocratic Society, and the Dynamics of Leadership in the Aegean
Directed by Eric H. Cline


Christine Foltz

Estimating Sex among Skeletal Remains with Cranial Deformation: A Comparison of Observational and Metric Techniques
Directed by Douglas Ubelaker

Katherine Markham

Mental Shift and Its Effects on Accuracy and Memory Ability in Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus)
Directed by Erin Vogel

Tatyana Shpigel

Bilingualism Linguistic Choice, and Identity Negotiation in Post-Soviet Ukraine
Directed by Alexander S. Dent

Jack Van Paepeghem

Ethnomimesis and Alterity: Transnational Representations of Mexico at the 2010 Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Directed by Elaine Peña


Helen Alesbury

The Nose Knows: Age-at-Death Determination Using the Frontal Suture in Human Skeletal Remains
Directed by Robin Bernstein

Danica Brister

All Roads Lead to Sakha: Population Structure and Migration among the Yakut of Siberia
Directed by Moses Schanfield

Melissa Cradic

From the Wine-Dark Sea to the Land of Milk and Honey: Aegean Iconography at Tel Kabri
Directed by Eric Cline

Susan DeMartino

Making South Africa Multilingual: A Case Study of the Implications of the 2006 Language Policy of the University of KwaZulu-Natal
Directed by Joel Kuipers

Alexandra Levin

A Prescription for Exclusion: A Medicalized Discourse of Autism within Brazilian Society
Directed by Alexander S. Dent and Richard Grinker


Lauren Deal

Doe, a Deer — A Female Deer: Figurative Language and Vocal Pedagogy in the United States and Argentina
Directed by Alexander S. Dent

Sidhartha Deka

The Path to Rustenberg: Heritage Management in Cape Town since 1994
Directed by Stephen Lubkemann

Joseph Maccarone

Teotihuacán: A Mesoamerican Mecca
Directed by Jeffrey Blomster

Khaula Malik

A Historical, Cultural, and Linguistic Profile of the Third Gender: Contours of Khusra Discourse and Modern Media in Conservative Pakistan
Directed by Joel Kuipers

Shanyn Ronis

Infidelity: An Examination of Discourse, Power, and Infidelity's Historical Antecedents in Oaxaca City, Mexico
Directed by Jeffrey Blomster

Irina Shrayber

Russian Language Ideologies in Translation: Ideologies of Standard to Ideologies of Origin
Directed by Alexander S. Dent

Rachel Snyder

Adentro and Afuera: The Multiple Realities of Zapara Identity in an Urban World
Directed by Catherine Allen

Anthony Sutter

The Shots Heard Round the Tel: An Investigation of Cartridge Cases from the 1948 Arab-Israeli War Found at Tel Megiddo
Directed by Eric Cline

Hoang-Kim Vu

Dancing away Disease: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Ritual Healing Dances
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Hedwig Waters

Transcending Gender: Gender Dynamics within a German Intentional Community
Directed by Patty Kelly


Jessica Calvanico

Blues Narratives and the Creation of "Authentic" Space in the Mississippi-Yazoo Delta
Directed by Alexander S. Dent

Jaclyn Dagger

Holocaust Legacy and the Perils of Preservation: A Critical Study of Holocaust Oral History in the Washington, DC, and New York City Areas
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Jennifer Lacy-Nichols

The Role of Urban Farmers' Markets in Improving Food Security: A Case Study of the Anacostia Farmers' Market in Southeast DC
Directed by Robert Shepherd

Robyn Le Blanc

Captive Eagles: The Lost Standard of the Legio XII Fulminata
Directed by Eric Cline

Lance Levenson

The Ontogeny of Primate Canine Dimorphism as Related to Sexual Selection and Intrasexual Competition: A Comparison of Canine Dimorphism in the Permanent and Deciduous Dentitions
Directed by Robin Bernstein

Erica Parris

Assessing the Effects of Locomotor Behavior on Limb Morphology and Accuracy of Body Mass Estimation Regressions in Strepsirhines
Directed by Robin Bernstein

Lia Schwartz

Sex Differences in Aggressive and Affiliative Behavior of Orphaned Chacma Baboons
Directed by Robin Bernstein

Daria Vojcic

Osteological Evaluation of Visual Acuity and Olfactory Function in Diurnal Haplorhines
Directed by Chet Sherwood


Joanna Brucker

A Second Greek Refugee Disaster? The Interaction of a Weak Civil Society and Modern Greek State Policy Concerning Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Directed by Barbara D..Miller and Stephen Lubkemann

Tzviah Dulin

Margaret Mead's Impact on Childrearing
Directed by Catherine Allen and Joel Kuipers

Andrew Frerking

Transnational Migration, Health and the Pueblo: The Body beyond Borders
Directed by Jeffrey Blomster

Jenna Green

Crassitude: How Anarchist Subculture Is Organized through Its Sassy Use of Language
Directed by Alexander S. Dent

Constantina Lalangas

The Exploration of Young's Modulus and Hardness Values in Primate Teeth through Nanoindentation
Directed by Peter Lucas

Robin Lange

Evidence for Trade Connections between Neolithic Sicily and Malta as Seen in the Archaeological Record and Its Influence on the Megalithic Architecture of Malta
Directed by Eric Cline

Jeffrey Leon

Canaanite Counterfeiters: Chamber F and Stylistic Forgery at Bronze Age Megiddo
Directed by Eric Cline and Jeffrey Blomster

Julia Masters

Medical Pluralism in a Cape Town Township: How Residents of Khayelitsha View and Use Health Care in the Context of Poverty
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Kara McGinnis

Mutual Dependence? Community Relationships between a Mayan Village and Expatriate Homeowners
Directed by Catherine Allen and Tim Wallace (North Carolina State)

Neeraja Peri

Descent with Modification: A Reexamination of the Ape Language Question
Directed by Peter Lucas and Francys Subiaul (Speech and Hearing Science)

Chelsea Rohrer-Dann

A Comparative Analysis of the Primate Caudate Nucleus and Implications for the Evolution of Language in Humans
Directed by Chet Sherwood

Carolyn Thimot

Comparative Muscular Anatomy of the Hand in Humans and Great Apes
Directed by Brian Richmond

Justine Williams

Tension in Love City: Tourism and Racism in St. John
Directed by Barbara D. Miller


Jonathan Greenberg

Megiddo Tombs: Bones of Armageddon
Directed by Eric Cline

Michaela Huffman

Sex Identification in the Pelvis: A Reexamination of Base-Wing Measurements, Sacral Anterior Curvatures, and Os Pubis Ventral Arc
Directed by Robin Bernstein

Alene Kennedy

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the Washington, DC Area: Assessing Unconventionality
Directed by Barbara D. Miller and Mark Edberg

Sophia Lungu

Western-Imported Goods and Urban Youth Culture in Post-Communist Romania
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Christine Kim

Incisal Procumbency in Cercopithecoid Primates and its Relevance to Diet
Directed by Peter Lucas

Danielle Solof

Double Dutch: Linguistic Practices and Ideologies Regarding Dutch and English in Amsterdam
Directed by Alexander S. Dent and Joel Kuipers


Mikael Castro

An Ethnographic Account of the Orixás in the African Brazilian Traditions of Templo Guaracy, São Paulo, Brazil
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Emily Goldenthal

Another Case of Mal(e) Practice: An Examination of Operating Room Hierarchy and Gender Inequality
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Sarah Gutschow

Dating at an Urban U.S. University as a Social System
Directed by Amanda Weidman

Douglas Park

Resettlement Archaeology in Crete: Causes and Implications of Migrations 3000 Years Ago
Directed by Alison Brooks

Vincenzo Pasquantonio

The Representation and Reinvention of Voodoo in New Orleans
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Rika Prodhan

A Test of Three Methods of Estimating Age at Death from Mature Human Skeletal Remains
Directed by Douglas Ubelaker

Courtney Prutzman

An Investigation into the Preserve and Degree of Formation of the Sulcus praeauricularis in Relation to Sex and Sciatic Notch Shape
Directed by Brian Richmond

Jeffery Raaphorst

Relation of the Foramen Magnum to the Orbital Plane in Primates, with Locomotor and Evolutionary Considerations
Directed by Bernard Wood

Anita Vin

Comparison of Trabecular Structure in Homo sapiens and Neandertal Metacarpals Using Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography
Directed by Brian Richmond


Bophany Chea

Ontogeny of Phalangeal Curvature in the Human Foot and Its Relevance to Early Hominid Locomotion
Directed by Brian Richmond

Rajasree Pia Chowdry

Indian-American Young Adults: Identity Formation and Interpersonal Relationships
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Pierre du Plessis

Forced Integration: Pros and Cons of Culture Change among Resettled San at New !Xade, Botswana
Directed by Stephen Lubkemann

Katarzyna Januszkiewicz

Treasures of Troy: Sophia Schliemann and the Enigmatic Donation of 1893
Directed by Eric Cline

Angel Zeininger

Metacarpal Head Biomechanics: A Comparative Backscattered Electron Image Analysis of Trabecular Bone Remodeling in Pan troglodytes and Homo sapiens with Implications for Functional Use
Directed by Brian Richmond


Monica Giles

Hip-hop Culture: More than Music or Style, the New Social Movement for Young, Black Urban America
Directed by Joel Kuipers

F. Candler Hallman

An Gotha Mor: History and Emotion in Irish Education
Directed by R. Richard Grinker

Rachel B. Miller

The Yemenites and Migration: Cultural Identity in Excluding Societies
Directed by Barbara Burton

Sandra Jane Smith

Luo Tri-Economy of Lake Victoria: Transforming Power Relations among Western Kenya's Fishing Communities
Directed by Stephen Lubkemann

Somer Zedan

Cultural Attitudes towards Male Circumcision in North America
Directed by Richard Grinker and S. Hoon Song


Jocelyn Rae Finch

The Human Brain: What Can It Tell Us about Language Origins?
Directed by Bernard Wood

Kathryn Angela Rhine

Francophone African Immigrants and Maternal Health: A Cultural Analysis
Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Dana Drake Rosenstein

Ceramic Production as a Reflection of Technological and Social Complexity in the Late Iron Age of South Africa
Directed by Andrew Balkansky


Michelle Coyle

The Archaeology of Civil War Medicine and the Women Nurses who Worked through the War
Directed by Andrew Balkansky

Moriah Krason

Effects of Age, Bone Location, and Exercise on Haversian System Dimensions
Directed by Daniel Lieberman

Lauren Lastrapes

Capoeira Angola: Gender, Oral Tradition, and the Spirit of Revolution
Directed by Joel Kuipers

Kathleen Brewer Thompson

The Freedmen's Bureau Schools of Washington and Frederick Counties, Maryland, 1866-1870
Directed by Dean Herrin

Leonard (Lee) Tuanquin

A Finite Element Study of Hyrax Mastication
Directed by Daniel Lieberman


Lisa Goodson

Cultural Influences on Mexican Women Artists
Directed by Catherine Allen

Alice McKeown

Redefining Native Religion: Space, Time, and Christianity
Directed by John Donaldson

Samantha Shlakman

The Professionalization of Medical Students into Physicians
Directed by Marilyn Merritt


Agheigh Nicky Lankerani

Sigheh: An Analysis of the Historical Debates of the Iranian Temporary Marriage Institution
Directed by Farha Ghannam

Rebecca Anne Newlan

A Report on 1985 Excavations at the Popes Creek West Site
Directed by Nancy Benco

Sarah E. Stanfield

Using the Wide Lens: Defining Homosexuality in Quito, Ecuador
Directed by Barbara D. Miller


Cindy T. Cordero

Investigating Paleoecological Approaches for Understanding Far Eastern Early Lithic Assemblages
Directed by Alison Brooks and Christopher Monahan


Peter Ansel

The Oar and the Outboard
Directed by Barbara D. Miller


Viviana Batzella

Portrait of a Town: Social Change in a Mexican Community
Directed by Catherine Allen


Marie T. Frohlich

Indicators of Social Status from the Bahrain Burial Mounds, ca. 3rd and Early 2nd Millennia B.C.
Directed by Alison Brooks

A. L. Rice Observer Variation in Harris Line Scoring
Directed by Alison Brooks and Douglas Ubelaker


Karen R. Diller

Greek Tholoi of the Classical and Hellenistic Periods
Directed by Alison Brooks


John S. Hansen

The Iron Age Transformation: A Marxist-Systemic Perspective
Directed by Alison Brooks


Suzanne W. Reidbord

The Role of Breast-Feeding in the Nutritional and Health Status of Infants: Implications of a Decline in Human Lactation in the United States and Brazil, 1940 to the Present
Directed by Alison Brooks


Lewis E. Sternberg

A Preliminary Investigation of the Linear Characteristics of Bone Weight Fluctuation in White, Female Femora
Directed by J. Lawrence Angel


Louis A. Madden

Defining Subgroups in a Cemetery Population: An Application of Multivariate Analysis to Burial Patterns
Directed by Douglas Ubelaker