Undergraduate Honors Theses

The following theses were written by undergraduates in order to graduate with departmental honors in Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, or Archaeology. The list is not complete.

If an abstract of the thesis is available, you can access it by clicking on the title. Abstracts are in MS-Word.

Marianne Bujacich Co-Feeding with Mothers Does Not Vary with Starvation Risk in Wild Juvenile Chimpanzees
Directed by Carson M. Murray
Madelaine Daley The Space Between: Refugee Camps as Liminal Spaces
Directed by Sarah E. Wagner
Elliot Greiner The Relationship between Habitat and Femoral Head Morphology in Alcelaphini and Tragelaphini (Bovidae)
Directed by W. Andrew Barr
Emily Holzman "Legendary Splendor on Tropical Island Shores": The Tourism Industry of the Bahamas, Representation, and Bahamian Reality
Directed by Susan Johnston
Kathryn White                            George Washington, Consumerism, and Identity in 18th Century Alexandria, Virginia
Directed by Eric H. Cline
Leah Gillon Innovation by Summative Imitation in College-Aged Students: Evidence from a Tower-Building Task
Directed by Francys Subiaul
Celia Greene Brazilian Belief and Belonging: Spiritist Religion in a Transnational Space
Directed by Alexander S. Dent
Deanna Johnson A Disappearing Generation: An Anthropological Look at Youth in the John Wesley AME Zion Church
Directed by Robert Shepherd
Marissa Kardon Weber The Meaning of Justice: A Cross-Cultural Study between American and Scandinavian Justice Systems with Terrorist Reintegration and Rehabilitation as a Case Study
Directed by Donald Braman
Nicole Butler                                      

Mandibular Variation in the Homo Genus: A Comparative Assessment of Mandibular Arch Shape Variation in the Hominin Fossil Record

Directed by Kes Schroer and David Braun

Kathryn Coté

An Evaluation of the Accuracy and Applicability of a Recent Method for Estimating Adult Age-at-Death Using the Acetabulum

Directed by Douglas Ubelaker

Sarah Freeman-Wolpert

Common Grievances of a Divided Generation: The Intersection of Ethno-National Discourse and Youth Civic Engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina Directed by Sarah E. Wagner and Robert Shepherd

Helen Gaynor

Grandmothered in? Testing for the Grandmother Effect in Wild Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes schweinfurthii)                                                                  Directed by Carson Murray

Aaron Poliak

Is there a Natural Way to Run? Effects of Speed and Substrate Compliance on Foot Strike Patterns in a Habitually Barefoot Population

Directed by Kevin Hatala and Brian G. Richmond

Laura Schwartz

Race and Breastfeeding: Personal Choice and Access to Resources in the Greater Washington, DC Area

Directed by Barbara D. Miller

Zoë Silverman

The Role of Visual Elements in Text Messaging: An Examination of Emoji, Repair of Miscommunication, and the Use of Digital Images in the Texting Register

Directed by Alexander S. Dent


Tierney Brown                      

A Change of Pace:  Long Bone Cross-Section Geometry of Individuals with Lower Limb Trauma

Directed by Brian Richmond

Lauren Campbell

Manipulative Elites: The Rise of the Aztec and Inca Empires
Directed by Jeffrey Blomster

Lucas Epp

Don’t Feed the Trolls: An Ethnographic Approach to Trolling in the Virtual World

Directed by Alexander S. Dent

Elizabeth Floyd

The Power and Persuasion of the American Criminal
Directed by Joshua Fisher

Alexandria Gregory

The Evolution of Human Gestation and Secondary Altriciality: Testing the Energetics of Gestation and Growth Hypothesis

Directed by Robin Bernstein

Marielle Velander  

Building Conceptual Bridges over Troubled Waters: Analysis and Affect Surrounding the Jordan River

Directed by Alexander S. Dent

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