Sociocultural Anthropology at GW

Our sociocultural anthropologists are experts on social organization, international development, governance and politics, ethnic conflict, cultural heritage, health and illness (including psychiatric disorders), gender, and semiotics.

Academic Programs

Sociocultural anthropology is part of our four-field major program in Anthropology as well as several minor programs.

Graduate students can focus on sociocultural anthropology within the M.A. in Anthropology and Ph.D. in Anthropology programs.  The M.A. program has concentrations in International Development, Medical Anthropology, and Museum Training.

Students concentrating in International Development sometimes get practical experience with for-credit internships.

Sociocultural Faculty (full-time)

Attiya Ahmad Gender and feminist studies; Islam and Muslim societies; transnationalism, migration and diaspora; Middle East and South Asia.
Alexander Dent Public/popular culture; language; media, ethnomusicology; Brazil; Latin America.
Mark Edberg Applied and public health anthropology, violence, substance abuse, marginalized populations; Latin America, urban U.S.
Ilana Feldman Historical anthropology, government and bureaucracy, humanitarianism, citizenship, colonialism, security; Middle East.
R. Richard Grinker Social organization; autism and psychological anthropology; ethnicity and nationalism; museum anthropology; hunter-gatherers; Africa, Korea.
Hugh Gusterson Militarism, nuclear culture, anthropology of science, ethics, international security, public anthropology, methods.
Joel Kuipers Linguistic anthropology; ethnography of speaking; ethnoscience; ritual; gender; nationalism; politics of culture; Indonesia.
Stephen Lubkemann Political conflict; migrants and refugees; humanitarian action; social science methodology; Lusophone Africa, Liberia, African diasporas.
Barbara Miller Social change and development; medical anthropology; health and demography; gender;  India.
Sean Roberts Nationalism, ethnicity, and development in Central Asia; Sinkiang and Kazakhstan.
Robert Shepherd Anthropology of development; tourism; human rights; contemporary urban China.
Sarah Wagner War and memory; nationalism; biotechnology and the identification of missing persons; post-conflict social reconstruction; Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sociocultural Faculty (visiting and research)

Joshua Bell Material and visual culture, political economy and ecology, museums and cultures of collecting, anthropology of history; Papua, Melanesia, Hawai'i.
Candace Greene Native American art, material culture; representation; museum research methods.
Jane Henrici Gender and ethnicity, health care disparities; Peru.
Susan Johnston Religion and ritual, contemporaneously and in the archaeological record; art and culture.
Jacob Love Ethnomusicology, music history, dance; Oceania.
Sarah Raskin Medical anthropology, community health, moral governance, the health safety net.
J. Daniel Rogers Analysis of social change, ethnohistory, state and empire formation, social responses to climate change; Inner Asia, Africa, Caribbean.
Erica Wortham Visual anthropology, indigenous media, ethnicity, Mexico.