Selected Alumni in Non-Profit Administration

    Robin S. Barth (B.A. Anth 1976) is Program Director at the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina (Durham, NC). She holds an M.Ed. degree from Antioch University.
    Carolyn Braunlich (B.A. Anth 1969) is Financial Officer at the Multicultural History Society of Ontario.
    Jennifer [Sponsler] Burns (B.A. Anth & Women’s Studies 2002) is a Senior Manager at the National Business Group on Health (Washington, DC).
    Jon Cramer (B.A. Anth 1992) works at the educational enterprise Facing History and Ourselves (Brookline, MA) as Human Resources Manager.
    Katherine Getz (B.A. Intl Aff & Anth 2012) is the Operations Manager at the Elliott School’s Institute for Middle East Studies.
    Sara Herkes (B.S. Bio Anth 2006) is a professional academic advisor at the University of Colorado-Denver. She also teaches art history online for the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Sara has an M.A. in Classics (2011) from UC-Boulder.
    Amanda Leonard (MA Anth-MT 2011) is a senior administrator in GW’s Alumni Relations office. She is also an animal advocate and blogger.
    Abigail Kardel (M.A. Anth-ID 2013) is an Impact Evaluator at Administration for Native Americans. She received their Distinguished Service Award in 2015.
    Abbe [Bartlett] Lynch (M.A. Anth 1996) is an Administrative Coordinator in the Vaccines and Infectious Disease Division of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA.
    Kourtney Pompi (M.A. Anth-ID 2008) is a Senior Associate at BroderickHaight Consulting, focusing on democracy and governance development programming and citizen participation. Earlier, Kourtney worked 12 years at the National Democratic Institute.
    Nadia Rahman (M.A. Anth-ID 2008) is Grants Manager at Vanderbilt University’s Center for Medicine, Health, and Society.
    Emma Roberts (B.A. Anth 2009) is the Director of Development Strategy and Operations at BBYO (B’nai B’rith Youth Organization) in Washington, DC.
    Shanna Roth (M.A. Anth 2003) is Departmental Operations Manager at the GW Chemistry Department.
    Yasmeen Shaheen-McConnell (B.A. Intl Aff & Anth 2008) is Program Manager for the Franklin Project at The Aspen Institute (Washington, DC).
    Robin Shield (B.A. Anth 1985) is co-founder of the Children’s Fund, a component fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation that invests in charities that work with at-risk children  In 2014, the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce recognized Norwich Partners with its Business Leadership Award.
    Marsha Sussman (M.A. Anth-MT 1976) is a fundraising consultant for the Jewish Agency for Israel. She holds an M.B.A. from American University (1980).
    Anthony Sutter (B.A. Arch-honors 2009) is Assistant Director of Operations for GW’s Mount Vernon Campus.
    Anna [Nowlis] Taylor (M.A. Anth 1998) is the North Florida Regional Director for Take Stock in Children (Jacksonville, FL), an organization supporting low-income, academically qualified children.
    Danielle Tyson (B.A. Art Hist & Arch-honors 2013) is a Coordinator in GW’s Division of Student Affairs Financial Services.
    Nicole Varner (B.A. Anth 2012) is Assistant Director of Donor Advised & Grant Services at Charities Aid Foundation of America (Washington, DC).
    Morgan [Edwards] Whaley (M.A. Anth 2003) is a financial administrator at The Hill Center, a school in Durham, NC, for children with learning differences and attention disorders.
    Phillip Williams (M.A. Anth-ID 2007) is Program Manager for the Department of Internal Medicine at the Tulane University Health Sciences Center.
    Sarah [Ganiere] Zakaria (B.A. Anth-honors 1999) is Associate Director of Alumni Relations at the University of San Diego.


Last updated June 16, 2016