Selected Alumni in Non-College Education

    John Caussin (M.A. Anth 1975) is an independent e-learning professional in Washington, DC.
    Kathryn Coté (B.S. Bio Anth-honors 2015) teaches at the Huntington Center (Needham, MA) and is also Research Coordinator in the Endocrinology Dept. at Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Lissa Cruzado (M.A. Anth-ID 2007) is a Career and Education Specialist at the Latin American Youth Center in Washington, DC.
    Robin Dagen (B.A. Anth 1980) is a special education teacher at Col. E Brooke Lee Middle School in Montgomery County, MD.
    Kimberly Ferlauto (M.A. Anth-ID 2005) is Director of Communication at Clarity, Inc., a speech, hearing, and learning center in Greenville, SC.
    Emily Fugate-Brunino (M.A. Anth 2003) teaches French at Oakton High School in Vienna, VA, and advises the French Honor Society.
    Sara [Mykietyn] Goldberg (B.A. Anth & French Lang & Lit 2007) is a French teacher at Bernards Township Board of Education in Basking Ridge, NJ. She received an M.A. in Education from the University of Connecticut in 2010.
    Alexis Kossiakoff (M.A. Anth 2004) teaches English at the Beijing BISS International School. After GW, she earned an M.Ed. degree from George Mason University. Before moving to the classroom, Alexis advised international students at the University of Chicago and worked at a nonprofit organization fostering literacy in the developing world.
    Lindsay Massoud (M.A. Anth 2007) is a Research Associate at the Center for Applied Linguistics (Washington, DC), studying K-12 language and literacy education.
    Ashleigh Mullinax (M.A. Anth-ID 2005) is Senior Program Officer at the Global Knowledge Initiative (Washington, DC).
    Polly Neil (M.A. Anth 1979) is an early childhood specialist, author, and research associate at HighScope Foundation (Ypsilanti, MI). She recently published a book on preschool mathematics.
    Nicholas Profeta (B.A. Econ & Anth 2010) received an M.Ed. in Education and Social Change from the University of Miami (2012). He works for Achievement First in Brooklyn, NY.
    Michiko Reynolds (B.A. Arch-honors 2012) is a tutor at MECS English Conversation School and at the International Language School, both in Sasebo, Japan.
    Anita Singh (B.A. Intl. Aff & Anth 2009) has worked for the DC Public Schools both as a classroom teacher and as a member of the Critical Response Team in their central office.
    Katherine Sanford (M.A. Anth-MT 1999) is a guidance counselor at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet School in Nashville, TN.
    Rachel Snyder (B.A. Anth 2009) teaches 2nd- and 3rd-grade bilingual students in the Chicago public schools. She is also a member of Teach for America Chicago. Rachel received her M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago in 2011.

Last updated October 19, 2017