Selected Alumni in Natural Resources and Agriculture

    Jai Alterman (M.A. Anth-MT 2001) is a Research Associate at Morgan, Angel & Associates, where she has worked on several projects related to Federal Indian Policy, natural resource issues, and Superfund litigation.  Previously, Jai worked for FEMA and for the Smithsonian.
    Julie [Tatum] Batategas (M.A. Anth-MT 1997) is the owner of Thessaly Organic Olive Oil, a family business in Greece.
    Jaclyn Dagger (B.A. Anth & Spanish 2008) works for EnviroIssues, a communications, community outreach, and public involvement consulting firm in Seattle, WA.
    Gonzalo Delgado (B.A. Anth 1982) is Corporate Affairs Manager for Talisman Energy Peru BV. He received an M.P.A. from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Management in 2002.
    Diane Gelburd (M.A. 1978) is Special Assistant to the Chief for Strategic Natural Resources Initiatives at the Natural Resources Conservation Service. She twice received the USDA Secretary's Honor Award.
    Siobhan McGowan (B.A. Anth 2013) is Project Coordinator at 2Seeds Network, a group in Tabora, Tanzania. Her work involves a women’s trade group and childhood nutrition.
    Maureen [Moodie] Montoux (M.A.-ID 2010) is vegetable manager at Montoux Orchards (Purcellville, VA). She had been farm director for Arcadia, an organization dedicated to creating a more equitable and sustainable local food system in the DC area.
    David Schatz (M.A. Anth-ID 2010)  is Director for Public Policy at ChargePoint, a software firm dealing with the energy and transportation industries.


Last updated December 22, 2016