Selected Alumni in International Development

    Sara Almgren (M.A. Anth-ID 2006) is a regional coordinator at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, DC.
    Kaitlin Carson (M.A. Anth-ID 2015) is a Project Management Associate at the international development corporation Chemonics International (East Africa Region).
    Anna Dendulk (B.A. Hist & Anth 2007) is Senior Team Leader for Church World Service-Resettlement Support Center in Nairobi, Kenya.
    Amy Klein (M.A. Anth-ID 2009) is Deputy Chief of Party for Creative Associates International, a development NGO, in Gaziantep, Turkey.
    Isaac Morrison (M.A. Anth-ID 2009) is an evaluator of development projects for Management Systems International (Washington, DC). He has been a consultant on issues of ethnographic data collection and confidentiality and taught anthropology at Montgomery College (MD).
    Robin [Freeman] Nelson (M.A. Anth 2008) is a Program Manager at FHI 360, a nonprofit in Washington, DC. She specializes in managing international development projects that incorporate media.
    Caitlin Nordehn (M.A. Anth-ID 2011) is a program associate at Cultural Practice, LLC (Washington, DC) with a focus on agriculture and food security.
    Shanyn Ronis (B.A. Latin Amer Studies & Anth 2009) Executive Director at Education Global Access Program in Washington, DC, an organization she founded. Among its efforts is improving access to education in Latin America.
    Garrison Spencer (B.A. Intl Aff & Anth 2012) is a Program Manager at Give2Asia, an international trade and development group in San Francisco, CA.
    Kaarli Sundsmo (M.A. Anth-ID 2006) is a Regional Food Security Coordinator and Grants Manager at USAID, based in Kenya.


Last updated July 8, 2016