Selected Alumni in Human Rights, Social Justice, & Community Development

     Greyson Brooks (M.A. Anth-ID 2013) is an LGBT Rights Program Associate at Human Rights Watch (New York City) and coordinator of the steering committee of the LGBT Freedom and Asylum Network.
     Christie Getman (M.A. Anth-ID 2001) is the director of program performance and quality at Mercy Corps in Washington, DC.
     Tony Gualtieri (M.A. Anth 2001) is Program Director at UNIFI, Inc. (United Nation of Individuals Fighting Impossibilities), a youth-oriented group in the DC area, and a Ph.D. candidate in Public Anthropology at American University. He has done community survey, curriculum development, and community outreach in DC and Baltimore.
     Vikas Jayadeva (B.A. Anth 2008) is the founder and Executive Director of Project Green Smarts, an environmental education group in Philadelphia, PA.
     Anoka Jung (B.A. Anth 2006, M.A. Anth-ID 2007) is a Campaign Manager for National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington, DC.
     Laura Kallus (M.A. Anth-ID 1999) is Executive Director of the Caridad Center, a large free health clinic in Boynton Beach, FL..
     Suzanne Leclerc-Madlala (M.A. Anth 1985) is the Cultural Anthropologist Technical Advisor with USAID. Her responsibilities include advancing the understanding of sociocultural perspectives relevant to HIV/AIDS within the agency and applying social science perspectives and methods to HIV/AIDS strategies and programs. Before returning to the U.S., Suzanne taught at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), where she received her Ph.D. in 2000.
     Matt LeDuc (M.A. Anth-ID 2010) is a Caseworker at Guardian Angel Settlement Association in St. Louis, MO.
     Elena Lukic (M.A. Anth-ID 2012) is a Program Associate with Episcopal Migration Ministries (New York, NY), working on resettlement issues.
     Jamison Liang (M.A. Anth-ID 2014) works in Jakarta, Indonesia, as a Senior Campaigner for the Walk Free Foundation, an Australian non-profit committed to ending modern slavery.
     Tim Luccaro (M.A. Anth-ID 2009) is a program officer with the U.S. Institute for Peace (Afghanistan office) working on access to justice and community-based conflict resolution. Earlier he worked for the Justice for the Poor program at The World Bank.
     Kristen (Walker) Painemilla (B.A. Latin Amer Studies & Anth 1996) is Vice President at Conservation International, focusing on promoting integration of human rights in conservation policy and practice.
     Diana Santillán (M.A. Anth 2006) is is Senior Gender and Evaluation Specialist at Encompass, which promotes excellence in organizations. Diana has been a Global Health Fellow at USAID and as Gender Advisor for the Office of Population and Reproductive Health.


Last updated October 19, 2017