Riley Collins

2110 G St. B-02
Phone: 202-994-4969
[email protected]

Anthropology Ph.D. program. Entered fall 2016.

Advisor: To be named.

Research: Riley's research focuses on the intersections between military practice, governance, and the tech industry. His past fieldwork projects have focused on the effects of authority, bureaucracy, and masculinity on software programmers, engineers, and other members of production teams in defense industry software development. Riley's research synthesizes theories from Science and Technology Studies, linguistic anthropology, and history to understand how national governance, military technology, and innovation cultures interact to create the conditions for cultural change in ideas of masculinity and professional practice in the technology industry.


B.A. (Honours), Social and Cultural Anthropology 2014, University of Calgary

M.A., Strategic Studies 2015, University of Calgary


Jouirnal Articles and Presentations

2016  Collins, R., Peric, S. “At the edges of the map: The chronotope of informatics and maps of human terrain,” Journal of Military and Strategic Studies 17(1).

2015  Collins, R. “Future war for fun and profit: Discourse and design in military simulation.” Presentation on invited panel at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, November.

2015  Collins, R. “Narratives of virtually trained soldiers.” Presentation at the Canadian Anthropology Society Conference, York University, Toronto, ON, May.

2014  Collins, R. “Storied soldiers.” Presentation at the 16th Annual Graduate Strategic Studies Conference, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, March.