Research, Funding, & Field Opportunities

Graffiti in São Paulo, Brazil. Photograph by Prof. Alexander Dent.

The Anthropology Department has six endowments or scholarships. Students may also receive fellowships and assistantships from outside the department.  For more information on these opportunities, see Anthropology Grants and Awards.

Several faculty members hire students (undergraduate or graduate) to work in laboratories or do other research.

Anthropology faculty lead several field programs.

  • Prehistoric archaeology programs in Israel (either Megiddo or Tel Kabri)
  • The Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya
  • A historical archaeology program in suburban Virginia
  • A maritime archaeology program in Florida
  • Programs in some years in Jordan and Mexico.

For more information on field programs, see Field Opportunities.

What Makes Us Human?

Smithsonian scientist Rick Potts appeared in PBS’s Nova TV series, “Becoming Human.” The program sheds light on where we came from and what distinguishes us from other species.