Projects Funded in 1993

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Degree Program
Location Project Title & Abstract
Peter Ansel
B.A. Anth
India (Trivandrum) The Oar and the Outboard: Muslim and Hindu Fishing Cooperatives in Southern India

Advisor: Barbara Miller

The traditional sector (the sector of the small-scale fisherman) is the largest part of the fishing economy of Kerala, a state in southern India. There are many fishermen’s cooperatives in the state, some of which are exclusively Hindu or Muslim. This research examines their similarities and differences in regard to various economic and social factors, such as access to capital, in the city of Trivandrum.


Adrienne Young
M.A. Anth
Memphis, TN, & Tupelo, MS Elvism in America

Advisor: Catherine Allen

I will be studying the use of Elvis Presley as a symbol for a synthesis of conservative politics and fundamentalist religion in America. Using methods such as participant observation, interviews, and questionnaires, I wish to do field research that will support my argument that "elvism" is a charismatic religion of mainly working class women, and that this religion is nationalistic in nature. This research will be undertaken at two pilgrimage points: Elvis's birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. Fan club members in three regions of the country will be interviewed to test for regional differences.