Projects Funded in 1992

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Degree Program
Location Project Title & Abstract
Viviana Batzella
B.A. Anth
Mexico (Cancún, Chetumal) Portrait of a Town: Social Change in a Mexican Community

Advisor: Catherine Allen

A photographic ethnography in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

Ruth Krulfeld
Faculty, Anth
Indonesia & Thailand A Longitudinal Study of Laotian Refugee Ethnic and National Identity Formation and Change

Advisors: N/A

Nancy Mahoney
M.A. Anth
Morocco (al-Basra) Paleoethnobotanical Research at al-Basra, Morocco

Advisor: Alison Brooks

The primary goal of this research is to locate a flax production industry at the site of al-Basra, Morocco, through the recovery of archaeobotanical remains.  A secondary goal is to determine variability across the site in activity type and use of charcoal and other fuel resources. Past work at al-Basra found little charcoal in domestic areas of the site, but this result may not hold for industrial areas. The work will involve flotation of soil samples at the Institut National de Sciences de L'Archeologie et du Patrimoine in Rabat, Morocco, preparatory to further study in the United States.

Eileen O'Hara
M.A. Anth
Oakland, CA Blue Berries and Taco Shells: A Comparative Analysis of Two Collections of Jump-Rope Rhymes

Advisor: Ruby Rohrlich

Play is one area where children work out social associations. In this study, I attempt to situate children's jump-rope rhymes in the context of the school and neighborhood. Some rhymes are uncomplicated, others reveal the complex relationships children have with adults, are filled with sexual references, etc.  Rhymes will be collected from third-grade girls at Lockwood Elementary School in Oakland, CA.   I collected rhymes at the same locality in 1976 and will be able to document patterns of change.

Katherine Spilde
M.A. Anth
Washington, DC "I'm Gonna Get Mines": Drugs, Ethics and Hope on the Streets of Washington, DC

Advisor: Ruth Krulfeld

An ethnographic study of an African American street corner drug dealer, his views on his role as a "businessman," the social and legal situation in which he finds himself, and other factors.