Partnerships & Opportunities

The GW Anthropology Department collaborates in teaching and research with numerous GW departments and programs, area universities, the Smithsonian Institution, and other organizations. Our location in Washington gives us unique opportunities for collaboration. The following offers a sampling of our teaching and research partnerships.

Colleagues at GW, including

Other Collaborations:

  • The Lewis N. Cotlow Fund supports students' independent research in anthropology
  • The Jane B. Hart Endowment supports awards to undergraduate students and a distinguished lectureship
  • The William Warren Endowment supports archaeological research by undergraduate and graduate students
  • The Rogers Excavation Scholarship supports archaeological fieldwork conducted by undergraduate and graduate students
  • The Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya investigates remains of hominids and other mammals, climate change, and the development of domestication.
  • The field schools at Megiddo and Tel Kabri provide the opportunity for archaeological work in Israel during the summer
  • The Field School in Public and Historical Archaeology provides training in field and laboratory methods in suburban Virginia every year
  • Summer fieldwork in prehistoric Mexico, Iron Age Ireland, and maritime archaeology during some summers
  • Internships and independent research at many locations