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Our Alumni

Since the 1880s, when the GW Anthropology Department began granting degrees, thousands of students have graduated from our program. Our graduates have gone on to success in many areas, including higher education, government work, museums, and the private sector. They have received many awards and honors, and we are proud of their accomplishments.

Alumni Generosity

Anthropology enjoys a high level of alumni support. Among our leading donors have been the late Philip Amsterdam (B.A. 1962), who financed the renovation of two of our townhouses, and Jane B. Hart (B.A. 1970), creator of the Hart Endowment.

A list of recent donors who have contributed can be found in our department newsletter.

If you wish to make a gift online, please visit our Ways To Give Page and designate “Anthropology” in the “Other” box where you state the purpose of your contribution. 

What Our Alumni Do

Many Anthropology B.A. graduates have found professional employment using their bachelor's degree. For example, one B.A. graduate who double-majored in journalism is a news producer for a major newspaper; another operates a photography studio; a third is vice president of an asset management firm. However, those committed to the field of anthropology commonly pursue another degree. The number of B.A. and M.A. graduates going on for a Ph.D. is increasing, particularly for Ph.D's in anthropology. Besides advanced degrees in anthropology, our alumni have earned the M.B.A., M.P.A., M.P.H., and M.S.W. degrees, and M.A. degrees in education, media management, counseling, land use planning, and geography, among others. Numerous alumni hold teaching positions in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Graduates with a B.A. in Archaeology or a B.S. in Biological Anthropology naturally tend to find employment in those areas.  Quite a few B.S. graduates enter the health professions.

Graduates from our M.A. concentrations (Museum Training, International Development, and Medical Anthropology) are prepared for jobs in related fields. (GW's Anthropology Ph.D. program was created in 2011 and does not yet have alumni). Several B.A. and M.A. graduates earned doctorates and are employed as college instructors and researchers. Alumni with museum positions include collections and laboratory managers and curators. Many alumni, especially those with a concentration in International Development, have jobs with nonprofit groups and government agencies.

Our alumni are working in the following professions:

  • archaeology and historic preservation
  • museums and libraries
  • college teaching and research
  • non-college education careers
  • human rights, social justice, and community development
  • international development
  • social services
  • non-profit administration
  • medicine, psychiatry, and dentistry
  • public health
  • forensic anthropology
  • law or law enforcement
  • information technology and the Internet
  • journalism, publishing, and film
  • natural resources and agriculture
  • art and performance

Many alumni have gone on to earn honors and awards in their academic careers and in professional undertakings. Several are related to holding public office; for example, one alumnus was awarded the Secretary of the Interior's Point of Light Award and another was given the White House Quality and Management Improvement Award. Many have been awarded research grants and fellowships from such institutions as the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Homeland Security. Others have served as chairs for organizations including the City of Miami Beach Bureau of Children's Affairs and Hispanic Parity Task Force, the Washington Academy of Sciences, and the Physical Anthropology Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Human Paleobiology

Alumni of our graduate program in Human Paleobiology have a distinguished record of success in academic and research institutions. You can view a list of Human Paleobiology program alumni here.

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