Now What? Applying Anthropology Post-Graduation

April 12, 2019, 12-1:30pm

Humphrey Seminar Room (2110 G St, 2nd floor)

What are some steps to prepare for professional opportunities after graduation? 

How can anthropological training be parlayed into marketable techniques and skill-sets? 

What broader opportunities are out there, anyway? 

Join Alexandra Antohin (Congressional Black Caucus Foundation) and Andrea Kim Neighbors (Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center) for an open discussion about how anthropology can be meaningfully utilized in a variety of professions. They will share how they have applied their anthropological training into roles in museum education and non-profit program management. They will also facilitate a session for Masters and PhD students and Postdocs, who will be encouraged to share their questions, concerns, curiosities and/or interests in applying anthropology to fulfilling professional directions. Alexandra and Andrea will incorporate results and requests from the discussion into tailored objectives for an upcoming intensive professional development workshop, scheduled for the fall of 2019.


For all Anthropology/CASHP Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows