Nic Fourie

Nicolaas Fourie

Assistant Research Professor of Anthropology
Faculty: Resource
No on-campus office
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Areas of Expertise

Primate physiology, microbiome studies, gastrointestinal disorders, phylogenetics of cancer.

Dr. Fourie is a broadly trained scientist with experience in paleoecology, primate physiology, biomedical research, and the pharmaceutical industry.


Ph.D. Hominid Paleobiology 2012, The George Washington University
M.Sc. Stable Isotope Paleocology 2006, University of Cape Town
B.Sc. (Hons) Archaeology 2002, University of Cape Town


Selected Journal Articles

2017  Somarelli J., K.E. Ware, R. Kostadinov, J.M. Robinson, H. Amri, M. Abu-Asab, N. Fourie, R. Diogo, D.L. Swofford, J.P. Townsend. "PhyloOncology: understanding cancer through phylogenetic analysis." BBA - Reviews on Cancer. In Press.

2017  Fourie, N.H, D. Wang, S.K. Abey, A.L. Creekmore, S. Hong, C. Martin, J.W. Wiley, W.A. Henderson. "Structural and functional alterations in the colonic microbiome of the rat in a model of stress induced irritable bowel syndrome," Gut Microbes 8 (1).

2016  Fourie, N.H., J.L. Brown, J.E. Phillips-Conroy, J. Rogers, R.M. Bernstein. "Sources of variation in hair cortisol in wild and captive non-human primates," Zoology 119(2): 119.

2007  Fourie, N.H., J.A. Lee-Thorp, and R.R. Ackermann. "Diet and taxonomy: Fossil cercopithecoids from Makapansgat," American Journal of Physical Anthropology Supplement 44: 109.

Classes Taught

Research Only


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