Mother Tongue Film Festival

The Mother Tongue Film Festival was created to promote this vision to a public audience through audiovisual media.
The Mother Tongue Film Festival is presented by Recovering Voices, a collaborative Smithsonian initiative and partnership between the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. Founded in 2009, Recovering Voices recognizes that language communities and scholars have a mutual interest in documenting, revitalizing, and sustaining languages and the knowledge embedded in them. Through Recovering Voices, the Smithsonian strives to collaborate with communities and other institutions to address issues of indigenous language, knowledge diversity and sustainability at the national and global levels. In collaboration with communities and partner organizations, Recovering Voices seeks to improve access to the Smithsonian’s diverse collections archival, biological and cultural—and to support interdisciplinary research, documentation, and revitalization. In doing so we seek to understand the dynamics of intergenerational knowledge transfer and to support existing community initiatives focusing on language and knowledge sustainability.