The Mitchell Carroll Endowment Fund

The Mitchell Carroll Endowment Fund was established in memory of a GW Classics professor to promote archaeology at GW. Awards are used to bring noted lecturers to campus. These are the visiting scholars to date:

Byron Hamann
Ohio State University
     Fieldnotes from Solaris: Ship's Logs and Shipwrecks from the Mediterratlantic, 1429-1680

Jamie E. Forde
University of Colorado, Boulder
     Toward a Biography of Place: The Pueblo Viejo of San Miguel Achiutla, Oaxaca, Mexico

Meghan Howey
University of New Hampshire
     Mound Builders and Monument Makers of the Northern Great Lakes, AD 1200-1600

Christopher R. DeCorse
Syracuse University
     The African Atlantic World: West Africa Before and After

Fabio Amador
National Geographic Society
     Creating an Identity from Ancient Pottery: Results from an Archaeological Study in Eastern El Salvador

Michael Love
California State at Northridge
    La Blanca and the Middle Formative Olmec World

Byron Hamann
University of Chicago and Dumbarton Oaks
     Chronological Pollution: Potsherds, Mosques, and Broken Gods before and after the Conquest of Mexico

Angela Close
University of Washington at Seattle
    Islands in the Desert: North Africa in the Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition

For more information, contact Prof. Jeffrey Blomster.