Master's Student Proposals

Year Recipient,
Degree Program
Location Project Proposal
2011 Carrie Benjamin
M.A. Anth
Senegal (Saint-Louis) Talibés and Marabouts: Children's Rights, Development, and Local Perspectives in Saint-Louis, Senegal
2009 Hermon Farahi
M.A. Anth
Morocco (Tangier) Sub-Saharan African Transit Migration: The Fragmented Path to Europe via Morocco
2007 Robin Freeman
M.A. Anth
U.S. (Virginia) Language Interrupted: Augmentative Technologies and Cultural Constructions of "Normalcy"
2009 Matthew LeDuc
M.A. Anth
U.S. (Washington, DC, and Flagstaff, AZ) Hopi Perspectives on Identity, Traditional Culture, and the Preservation of Intangible Heritage
2009 Maureen Moodie
M.A. Anth
U.S. (San Francisco) Progressive Self-Fashioning in the Era of Transnational Social Activism: Fair Trade Organizations in San Francisco
2007 Nadia Rahman
M.A. Anth
Bangladesh (Dhaka) Authoritative Knowledge and Local Women’s Knowledge: A Focus on the Reproductive Health Initiatives of ICDDR/B
2006 Bonnie Richard
M.A. Anth
India (Delhi & Leh) The Changing Cultural Outlook on Disability in Ladakh, India
2007 Claire Selsky
M.A. Latin Amer Studies
U.S. (Washington, DC) Life, Latinos and the Pursuit of Healthiness: Health Care Experiences of Latinos in Mount Pleasant, Washington, DC
2011 Kristina Short
M.A. Anth
Mexico (Oaxaca) Materializing Social Identity: Ceramic Figurines at Middle and Late Formative Etlatongo
2009 Sophie Thibodeau
M.A. Anth
U.S. (Annapolis, MD) Women's Perceptions of Prenatal Education Programs in a Medicalized and Multicultural Context in Maryland
2014 Yuting Yin, M.A. Anth China (Beijing) Inside a Hidden Disorder: Illness Narratives about Eating Disorders in Mainland China