Linguistics at GW

Linguistics is the study of the remarkable human capacity to learn and use languages. GW linguists study language and related social communication from the level of neurons to the Internet.

Academic Programs

Linguistic anthropology is part of our four-field major program in Anthropology as well as several minor programs.

Graduate students can focus on linguistic anthropology within the M.A. in Anthropology and Ph.D. in Anthropology programs.

Linguistics Research

We do collaborative research with the Smithsonian on such topics as how cell phone use varies among ethnic groups.

GW's Discourse Laboratory is used for recording, transcribing, and analyzing naturally occurring discourse of all kinds.

Linguistics Faculty (full-time )

Alexander Dent Language, media, cultural property, ethnomusicology; Brazil; Latin America.
Shoko Hamano Japanese language, language pedagogy, anthropological linguistics.
Joel Kuipers Linguistic anthropology; ethnography of speaking; ethnoscience; ritual; gender; nationalism; politics of culture; Indonesia.
Richard Robin Russian language, language pedagogy.
Tadeusz Zawidski Philosophy of cognitive science and philosophy of mind, human cognition, language evolution.