Lecture: Quest for King Solomon's Mines

03/21/11 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Location: 1957 E St., rm. 113

"Quest for Solomon's Mines: Cyber-Archaeology and Recent Explorations in Jordan," at talk by Thomas E. Levy, Distinguished Professor at UC-San Diego. Recent surveys and excavations by a UC-San Diego archaeology team in Jordan's copper ore district of Faynan have documented the first industrial revolution in the southern Levant dating to the 10th c. BCE -- a period that coincides with ancient Hebrew kings and Egyptian pharaohs known from the Bible and other sources. The results that placed the project at the center of Biblical archaeology debate were recently featured in a National Geographic/NOVA television special and the National Geographic Magazine. This illustrated lecture highlights the most recent discoveries and innovative digital archaeology approaches used to test the relationship between the archaeological record and ancient sacred texts. This event is sponsored by the Capitol Archaeological Institute.