Honors Theses: Final Steps

Final acceptance of the thesis is recorded on the Undergraduate Honors Thesis Approval Form, available online or from the Anthropology office. Two paper copies of the final work should be submitted to the department, one for your research director and one for the department. If your work contains photos, include prints in both copies. The department binds its copy and keeps it in our library, and will bind additional copies for the author at cost.

Thesis formatting details

1. The thesis text should be in 12-point serif type (e.g., Times Roman, Century Schoolbook, Cambria, Georgia); do not use sans-serif type (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Verdana). Picture captions, map legends, etc., may be in other faces and sizes. All text must be double-spaced, but long quotations, picture captions, footnotes and endnotes, bibliographic entries, and lists in appendices may be more tightly spaced.

2. Print the document single-sided, using 1.25-inch margins on the left to allow for binding.  The right margins may be 1.25 or 1.0 inch (for master's theses, both need to be 1.25).  The top and bottom margins should be one inch.

3. Title page. Title pages for GW theses, whether graduate or undergraduate, have a specific format, and you should refer to our sample title page for guidance. Notice (1) this page is not numbered; (2) it is not in boldface or oversize type; (3) it bears the student's official date of graduation, not the date the thesis was submitted; (4) it contains the full name and official academic title of the thesis director(s), but not of the reader.

4. Preliminary pages after the title page (table of contents, list of illustrations, etc.) are numbered in lowercase Roman numerals (e.g., ii, iii, etc.) at the center of the text at the bottom of the page, resting on the bottom margin. The title page is counted as the first page, but does not carry a number. The copyright page, if used, is also not numbered. The first page of front matter carrying a number is numbered "ii."

5. All other pages are numbered sequentially using arabic numbers at the bottom of the page.

Thesis binding

All our honors theses are given library bindings, with undergraduate theses in light blue with white lettering on the spine. If you visit the department's seminar room, you can see copies on the shelves. Students may also obtain additional copies for themselves, their family, advisors, etc., at cost (roughly $16 per thesis), but need not limit themselves to light blue with white ink.  There are 15 colors of buckram available from our bindery and three colors of ink (white, black, gold). Bound theses may not be available for several weeks after graduation; if you need yours sent to you, we will ask that you reimburse us for Priority Mail shipping.