Diogo Oliveira on site in Mexico

Diogo Oliveira

[email protected]


Anthropology M.A. program; no concentration.  Entered fall 2017.

Advisor: Stephen Lubkemann

Staff member, Slave Wrecks Project.

Current Research

Diogo Oliveira is very interested in the social and cultural forces that construct identity and ideologies. His work has focused on the archaeology of the slave trade and the effects and consequences in the Early Modern World. Oliveira's main questions surround how the contact and movement of people in the 15th and 16th centuries influenced the world we live in today. He has also worked at the site of San Mateo Etlatongo, analyzing lithic assemblages. His interest in the New World focuses on materiality, social networks, and the histories of native peoples.


B.A. 2016, George Washington University