Devin Proctor

Devin Proctor

[email protected]


Anthropology Ph.D. Program

Year of Entry: Fall 2013

Advisors: Alexander Dent and Sarah E. Wagner

Research: Digital Mediation and Identity Constructs in the Otherkin Community

The Otherkin are a loosely structured group of people who identify (at least partially) as non-human, which can include any type of animal, mythical creature, or fictional character. Through fieldwork along multiple layers of the digital (Second Life, social media outlets, online multiplayer video games, Internet relay chat forums) along with more traditional ‘actual’ spaces within the United States, Devin's work seeks to locate the points where technological mediation and Otherkin identity overlap, and to ascertain how these points are addressed through practice. Exploring the ways this discordant experience of self is navigated along different levels of embodiment can contribute to a richer understanding of digitally mediated identity and subjectivity in the 21st century, as these technologies become an increasingly enmeshed part of our everyday existence.


M.A. (American Studies) 2013, The George Washington University

M.S. (Education) 2006, CUNY, The City College

B.F.A. (Theatre and Sociology) 2002, New York University


Selected Publications and Presentations

In press  Proctor, D. “Integrated Circuit” and “Content Farms,” The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society, eds. Debra Merskin and J. Geoffrey Golson. SAGE Publications, Inc.

2015  Proctor, D. “Networking Boundaries: Facebook Practice and Otherkin Identity.” Presentation at the 114th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, Nove. 17-22.

2014  Proctor, D. “On Being Non-Human: Technologically Mediated Identity Among the Otherkin.” Presentation at the 113th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Dec.r 2-7.

2014  Proctor, D. Review of Computer Games and the Social Imaginary by Graeme Kirkpatrick. Anthropological Quarterly, 87(4): 199-203.

2012  Proctor, D. “Bytes of passage: Video game inhabitation as ritual,” Acta Iassyensia Comparationis vol. 10, pp. 176-185.

2012  Proctor, D. “Not Elf, Not Not Elf: Ritual and Mimesis in the Video Game Space of Oblivion.” Presentation at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, Boston, April 11-14.