Biological Anthropology at GW

The Anthropology Department offers extensive coursework in biological anthropology at the undergraduate and graduate levels and numerous research opportunities. Our faculty teach about human evolution, human skeletal anatomy and neuroanatomy, genetics and genomics, primatology, and forensic anthropology. Our doctoral program in Human Paleobiology is one of the finest biological anthropology research and teaching groups in the world.

Academic Programs

Undergraduates can study biological anthropology at GW either through the interdisciplinary B.S. in that field, or as part of the four-field major program in Anthropology.

Graduate students can focus on biological anthropology within the M.A. in Anthropology and Ph.D. in Anthropology programs and the M.S. in Human Paleobiology and Ph.D. in Human Paleobiology programs.

Field and Laboratory Work

Our faculty, especially those with labs, often seek motivated students to participate in research internships.

Biological Anthropology Faculty (full-time)

Andrew Barr Paleoecology; the environmental and ecological context of early human evolution.
Brenda Bradley Evolutionary genomics, genetic basis of primate adaptations.
David R. Braun East African Pleistocene, early hominin technology and behavior, lithic studies.
Alison S. Brooks Early modern humans, ethnoarchaeology, geochronology.
Shannon McFarlin Skeletal and dental development and microscopic anatomy; evolution of primate life histories.
Carson Murray Adaptive value of social relationships on behavioral and biochemical levels; evolution of parenting; effects of maternal stress and behavior on offspring.
Moses Schanfield Applied and anthropological genetics, forensic genetics, paternity testing.
Chet Sherwood Evolution of the primate brain; biological bases of human cognitive abilities; primatology.
Francys Subiaul Primate cognition, evolutionary psychology, cognitive development, autism.
Bernard Wood Hominin systematics, dental evolution, evolvability within the hominin clade, reconstruction of diet.

Biological Anthropology (research faculty)

Sergio Almécija Hominid paleobiology, modeling morphological evolution in humans and apes, early hominins, fossil apes.
René Bobe Environmental and ecological context of human evolution, mammalian evolution, ecology, and biogeography, faunal analysis.
David Hunt Human osteology, human variation and modification, forensic anthropology, mummies and mummification.
Marilyn London Osteology, forensic anthropology.
Briana Pobiner Paleolithic archaeology, zooarchaeology, taphonomy, faunal analysis.
Douglas Ubelaker Forensic and physical anthropology, human osteology, paleopathology, paleodemography.