Anthropology Undergraduate Courses and Syllabi

Syllabi are found by clicking on the instructor's name. More syllabi can be found on the webpages of individual faculty. When appropriate, prerequisites can be waived by the course instructor.

The G-PAC Status column shows how Anthropology courses meet undergraduate degree requirements in all GW colleges.

Those in the 2000s to 4000s are upper-division undergraduate courses that can also be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work.

SI = Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Museum.  ♦ = Linguistics syllabus is the same as that for the Anthropology course with the same number.

Last updated July 6, 201

Course Number Course Title Prerequisite(s), if any Syllabi (By Instructor) G-PAC Status  Campus
ANTH 1001  Biological Anthropology  None Barr, Brooks, McFarlin 1001 G-PAC Main 
ANTH 1002 Sociocultural Anthropology None Grinker, Gusterson, Miller, Wortham  1002 G-PAC Main
ANTH 1002 Sociocultural Anthropology None Miller 1002 G-PAC Main
ANTH 1003 Archaeology None Cline, Johnston 1003 G-PAC Main
ANTH 1004 Language in Culture and Society None Dent 1004 G-PAC Main
ANTH 1004DL Language in Culture and Society None Dent 1004 G-PAC Online
ANTH 1005 Biological Bases of Human Behavior None Murray 1005 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2008 Foundations of Anthropological Thought ANTH 1002 Ali, Wagner 2008 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2008W Foundations of Anthropological Thought (WID) ANTH 1002 Ali, Wagner 2008W G-PAC Main
ANTH 2501 The Anthropology of Gender: Cross-Cultural Perspectives None Ali 2501 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2502 Anthropology of Science and Technology None Wagner 2502 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2505 Ethnomusicology None Lornell 2505 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2506 Religion, Myth, and Magic None Johnston 2506 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2533 Material Culture in America None STAFF 2533 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2750 Latinos in the United States None Peña 2750 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2750W Latinos in the United States None Peña 2750W G-PAC Main
ANTH 2821 Myths and Mysteries in Archaeology None Johnston 3821 G-PAC Main
ANTH 2822 Archaeology in Film and Television None Johnston 3822 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3401 Human Functional Anatomy ANTH 1001 Hammond 3401 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3402 Human Evolutionary Anatomy ANTH 1001   3402 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3403 Forensic Anthropology Laboratory ANTH 1001 Ubelaker 3403 G-PAC Off-Campus (SI)
ANTH 3404 Human Variation ANTH 1001 Ubelaker 3404 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3406 Advanced Human Osteology ANTH 3403 Hunt & London 3406 G-PAC Off-Campus (SI)
& 3404
ANTH 3407 Conservation in a Changing World: Human and Animal Behavior ANTH 1001 Feldman, Murray   Main
ANTH 3408 The Evolution of Human Families ANTH 1001 Murray 3408 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3409 Evolution of Primate Life Histories ANTH 1001 McFarlin   Main
ANTH 3411 Primatology ANTH 1001 McFarlin, Murray 3411 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3412 Hominin Evolution ANTH 1001 Almécija, Wood 3412 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3413 Evolution of the Human Brain None Sherwood 3413 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3491 Topics in Biological Anthropology ANTH 1001 Barr, McFarlin, Murray,  3491 G-PAC Main, Off-Campus (SI)
ANTH 3501 Development Anthropology ANTH 1002 Lubkemann, Shepherd 3501 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3502 Cultural Ecology ANTH 1002 Rick, Ross 3502 G-PAC Main
or 1004
ANTH 3503 Psychological Anthropology ANTH 1002 Grinker 3503 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3504 Illness, Healing, and Culture ANTH 1002 Miller, Raskin 3504 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3506 Politics, Ethnicity, and Nationalism ANTH 1002 Ali 3506 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3507 Kinship, Family, and Community ANTH 1002 STAFF 3507 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3508 Art and Culture ANTH 1002 Johnston 3508 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3513 Anthropology of Human Rights ANTH 1002 Feldman, Shepherd 3513 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3521 Ethnographic Film ANTH 1002 Bell, Kuipers, Donaldson 3521 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3531 Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology ANTH 1002 Ahmad, Wagner 3531 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3601 ♦ Language, Culture, and Cognition ANTH 1004 Dent 3601 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3602 ♦ Ethnographic Analysis of Speech ANTH 1004 Kuipers 3602 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3603 ♦ Psycholinguistics None Kuipers 3603 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3691 ♦ Special Topics in Linguistic Anthropology ANTH 1004 Dent, Donaldson, Kuipers, Subiaul, Wallace 3691 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3701 North American Native Peoples ANTH 1002 Donaldson 3701 G-PAC Main
or 1004
ANTH 3702 Anthropology of Latin America ANTH 1002 Dent, Machaqueiro, Ross 3702 G-PAC Main
or 1004
ANTH 3703 Cultures of the Pacific ANTH 1002 Bell, Love 3703 G-PAC Main
or 1004
ANTH 3704DL Cultures of Southeast Asia ANTH 1002 Kuipers 3704 G-PAC Online
or 1004
ANTH 3705 Anthropology of East Asia ANTH 1002 Shepherd 3705 G-PAC Main
or 1004
ANTH 3707 Anthropology of the Middle East ANTH 1002 Feldman, Kayyali 3707 G-PAC Main
or 1004
ANTH 3708 Anthropology of Africa ANTH 1002 Grinker, Lubkemann 3708 G-PAC Main
or 1004
ANTH 3709 Japanese Culture through Film None Yasuda 3709 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3791 Topics in Regional Anthropology ANTH 1002 or 1004 STAFF 3791 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3801 African Roots from Australopithecus to Zimbabwe  ANTH 1003 Brooks 3801 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3802 Human Cultural Beginnings ANTH 1003 Brooks 3802 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3803 Old World Prehistory: First Farmers to First Cities ANTH 1003 Johnston 3803 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3804 Origins of the State and Urban Society ANTH 1003 Blomster 3804 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3805 Archaeology of Israel and Neighboring Lands None Cline 3805 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3806 Art and Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age None Cline 3806 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3808 Archaeology and the Celts None Johnston 3808 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3811 Historical Archaeology None Cressey 3811 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3812 Aztecs in Mexico None Blomster 3812 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3813 Archaeology of North America ANTH 1003 STAFF 3813 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3814 Ancient Mexican Civilizations ANTH 1003 Blomster 3814 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3823 Archaeology of Ritual and Religion None STAFF 3823 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3832 Paleoanthropological Field Program None Braun 3832 G-PAC Off-Campus (Kenya)
ANTH 3833 Field Research: New World None STAFF 3833 G-PAC Off-Campus (var. locations)
ANTH 3834 Field Research: Old World None Cline 3834 G-PAC Off-Campus (var. locations)
ANTH 3835 Historical Archaeology Field Program None Cressey 3835 G-PAC Off-Campus (VA)
ANTH 3838 Theory and Practice in Archaeology ANTH 1003 Blomster, Johnston 3838 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3838W
ANTH 3839 Lab Research Methods in Archaeology ANTH 1003  Pobiner 3839 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3891 Special Topics in Archaeology ANTH 1003 Blomster, Cline, Catsambis, Johnston 3891 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3991 Special Topics None Ahmad, Bell, Kuipers, Peña, Shepherd 3991 G-PAC Main
ANTH 3995 Undergraduate Research None STAFF 3995 G-PAC Main
ANTH 4008 Seminar: Contemporary Anthropological Theory ANTH 2008 Ahmann, Kuipers 4008 G-PAC Main