Anthropology Grants and Awards

Jane B. Hart Endowment

The Jane B. Hart Endowment supports a distinguished speakership and two annual awards to undergraduate students: the Hart Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the Hart Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis. There is one academic achievement award for each of our three major programs (Anthropology, Archaeology, and Biological Anthropology) and there may be up to three thesis awards when there are equally deserving students with different majors.

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Lewis N. Cotlow Research Fund

The Lewis N. Cotlow Field Research Fund supports student research in any area of anthropology. Since 1991, it has supported over 200 anthropological research projects by GW students in 55 countries. The Fund was created by a $150,000 bequest from the estate of Lewis Cotlow (1898-1987), an explorer, author, and filmmaker who attended GW.

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Rogers Excavation Scholarship

The Rogers Excavation Scholarship provides funding for undergraduate students to do work in archaeology. Preference is given to those participating in an excavation for the first time. This scholarship, administered through the Capitol Archaeological Institute, is made possible by the generosity of alumni Deborah Lehr and John Rogers.

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William Warren Endowment

The William Warren Endowment Fund for Fellowships provides funding for undergraduate or graduate students to do work in archaeology, paleontology, and Classics. The money can be used to cover airfare, room and board, and tuition expenses while doing fieldwork.

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Ann Gordon Webster Endowment

The Ann Gordon Webster Endowment assists those who are returning to school to pursue graduate studies in anthropology. It honors the memory of a woman who got her master's degree at 50 and then taught at GW for 14 years. Grants are awarded annually on the basis of financial need and potential for making a significant contribution to anthropology.

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Shirley H. and Robert L. Richards Endowment Scholarship

For anthropology M.A. and Ph.D. students who have completed at least one semester of course work and exhibit exceptional academic promise. Scholarships are not offered every year, as funding opportunities depend on the state of the endowment. Faculty advisors nominate students early in the spring semester. Interested students should consult with their mentor or DGS.

Mitchell Carroll Endowment

This endowment, created in memory of Mitchell Carroll, is intended to promote archaeology at GW. It is used to support lectures by distinguished visiting scholars.

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Funding Outside the Anthropology Department

There are numerous funding sources at GW and elsewhere. They include:

For more opportunities for undergraduates, visit the Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research. For more opportunities for graduate students, visit the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships.

Archaeological Field Opportunities at GW

GW faculty lead several field programs. There are annual prehistoric archaeology programs in Kenya (Koobi Fora), and Israel (Megiddo and Tel Kabri), and a historical archaeology program in suburban Virginia.  Programs in Mexico and elsewhere are conducted some years.

For more information on field programs, see Fieldwork Opportunities.

Other Sources of Funds

There are many outside sources of funding for research and travel. The American Anthropological Association has a useful list of funding agencies and is probably the best place to start. Some of the other organizations that have supported GW anthropology students are: